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Long ago, the heralds of pestilence were lesser demons who rebelled against Azmodan. The Lord of Sin vanquished them easily, but instead of slaying them, he granted each one a long arm infested with a poison that could kill anything but Azmodan himself. The heralds have been plague-riddled menaces ever since.

— Deckard Cain

The Herald of Pestilence is a very dangerous creature that should not be under estimated. Not only do the possess a moderately powerful melee attack but also a channeled ranged area ability, Poisonous Tentacle, that does damage continuously. Made more lethal by how their channeled attack stacks with other Herald of Pestilence, the party must take immediate action to avoid excessive damage. It is recommended to melee these creatures and prioritize them over other monsters when possible. Their high health and low numbers make single target skills particularly effective against them.

Previous Versions[]

Were considerably more powerful originally. Not only did Poisonous Tentacle track target movements, but it also did heavy damage each tick and was not interruptible, even when the casting monster was stunned. Their melee attack was among the hardest hitting attacks in the game that made melee range combat not any better than taking their devastating ability. Despite this extreme power, elite packs posed little threat as a bug meant that Champion packs only had 1 member and Rare packs had no minions. Since then their damage has been weakened considerably, Poisonous Tentacle can now be interrupted and canceled and Elite packs spawn correctly.


  • Poisonous Tentacle
    Uses the deformed arm to send a tentacle through the ground at a target party member. Is channeled and tentacle does area damage continuously which does stack with other instances of the ability. If no party members are in the affected area channeling is canceled. Channeling can also be interrupted.