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Redirects automatically redirect a viewer from one page to another. They are a tool used by editors that can be used to help viewers find the pages they are looking for. This tool is necessary because of how the wiki search function works. Unlike more advanced search tools like Google, the wiki search has to match words exactly in order to return a hit. If even one word of the search isn't found, no hits will be returned.

Apart from being helpful to viewers however, redirects also helps out with linking in the wiki. If a topic has a complicated pagename that doesn't correspond exactly with the topic itself, or if the topic in question doesn't have a page of it's own, then a redirect can help with linking.


  • Berserker Axe is a commonly used item in many builds in Diablo II, but in the wiki it is located on the page Axes (Diablo II). In this case, a redirect ensures that an editor can link to the Berserker Axe page without having to type out convoluted links like Berserker Axe.
  • If a viewer searches for botd, the wiki won't automatically realize that it is the Breath of the Dying rune word he is looking for. Setting up redirects automatically sends viewers where they want.


#REDIRECT [[Insert page name]]
#REDIRECT [[Insert page name#Article header]]

The redirect can also be used to point to specific parts of the target page. You can specify a header, and the redirect will send the user to that specific place in the article. If the header doesn't exist or is spelled incorrectly, the redirect will simply point to the top of the page.

With the exception of a few redirects that are categorized, redirects should commonly not contain any additional text besides the actual redirect itself.

See Also

  • Help:Redirect at Wikipedia, which includes some extra explanations on how redirects work.