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The Hellforge is a magical forge found in the Burning Hells which has the power to destroy a Soulstone. The Hellforge is protected by an Overlord called Hephasto the Armorer, who holds the Hellforge Hammer required to smash the Soulstone. During Diablo II, your hero completes a quest named Mephisto's Soulstone, where he/she smashes Mephisto's Soulstone using the Hellforge and the Hammer.

Izual led an assault on the Hellforge just as the demon blade Shadowfang was nearing completion. He was overwhelmed by demons and ultimately trapped in the body of a demon.

The Hellforge Quest

LoD players will find one of the most rewarding quests, the Hellforge quest, in the game in Act IV. To complete the quest, a hero must destroy Mephisto's Soulstone that was obtained earlier using Hephaisto's Runeforge Hammer. The smashing of the soulstone causes various types and qualities of gems to drop, but the ultimate prize is the single rune that falls as well. The difficulty in which the quest was completed dictates what the rune can be:

Nr Difficulty Lowest Rune Highest Rune
1 Normal El Amn
2 Nightmare Sol Hel
3 Hell Hel Gul

This quest reward is the only occassion in the game where the normal dropchance of a rune is ignored. Instead, each different rune in proper difficulty drop range has a 9.1% chance of dropping. It is important to understand that this is no guaranteed free ticket for getting an HR, although it may happen with some luck. Also, because Hell drops only allow runes up to Gul, the eight rarest runes cannot be selfobtained any other way than finding one by sheer luck. For ladder players, the most effective way of getting Mid and High runes by yourself is through Hellforge rushing characters and collecting the quest reward until you have the proper runes needed for cubing.

Having additional people in your party that have not completed the quest will not increase the drop chance of higher runes. Therefore, it is best to do the hellforge quest individually to increase your loot. (If you cannot complete the quest alone, try to get a trustworthy friend who has already completed the quest to help you with it)

Online Practicality (Warnings)

  • Players playing LoD online would often attempt to exchange their nightmare and hell hellforges for a rush from a higher level player. More times than not, the person being rushed will accept the rush through to Hell Act 3 allowing you free reign of his normal, and nightmare hellforge. Then leave after Hell Act 3, keeping his hell hellforge (the most valuable) to himself.
  • When questing in Act 4, always try to be conscious of where your party members are at. One of them may sneak away while you are fighting and attempt to finish his Hellforge on his own. Should this happen while you are partied with him, the game will consider your quest "completed" and you will not receive any loot.