Hell Unleashed

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Hell Unleashed
Modder Terry McDonald a.k.a Soulmancer
Latest Release 1.3 (Multiplayer
1.21 (Singleplayer)
Game Diablo II
Patch Version 1.10
Platform Windows
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Hell Unleashed is a total conversion mod which overhauls much of the game and puts great emphasis on multiplayer action. The mod is recommended for 3-6 player. Solo play is not recommended in the regular mod, mainly because bosses have been specifically designed with several players in mind and will provde extremely difficult to beat. However, there is a singleplayer version of the mod available which tones down the difficulty to better suit a singleplayer experience.

The latest multiplayer patch was developed primarily by the community.


This is not a complete changelog, but highlights the most noticeable and important changes made in the mod.

  • Difficulty has been increased greatly for normal, nightmare and hell.
  • Experience gain, monster levels, dungeon levels and item levels have been adjusted to encompass the entire level range (1-100).


  • New and rebalanced skills for all classes.
  • Strength and Dexterity have been reworked, and now have a larger impact on weapon damage.
  • New mercenary mechanics. Mercenaries can now equip the same items as the player, receive new skills on the higher levels and can equip a wider variety of weapons.
  • Four new mercenary types have been added.


  • Improved enemy AI.
  • New monster skills for bosses and regular monsters.
  • New regular monster, superuniques and bosses.
  • The total boss count in the game is now 47, all with their own unique taunts, attacks and strategies.
  • Old bosses have been buffed to be on par with the new ones.
  • New boss and monster graphics from Baldur's Gate II, Icewind Dale II and Planescape Torment.
  • A new monster type called Elite monsters have been added. They're similar to champions, but more powerful.
  • Bosses have special Hitpoint Bars that are much bigger than those on normal monsters.


  • Many old items have been rebalanced.
  • Shops now sells Nightmare and Hell equipment in later difficulties. Gems and runes can now be bought at high prices as well.
  • Gambling has been greatly improved and given better odds.
  • Revamped drop system with slightly increased drop rates for rare, set and unique items.
  • Boss and superunique droprates have been improved. superuniques commonly drop yellow items, and bosses will drop set and unique items more frequently.
  • Inventory size, stash size and cube have been increased by 50%.
  • Throwing Weapons and Javelins spawn in stacks of 300 and can now have sockets.
  • All unique items and set items have had changes made to them.
  • Improved magic and rare items.
  • New crafting recipies for Topaz, Skull and Diamond type gems.
  • All crafting recipies have been improved and have new exceptional/elite versions recpies.
  • Many new unique items and new rare and magic properties have been added.
  • All Ladder and 1.11 runewords are ebabled, with numerous added runewords as well.
  • Many new cube recipes, including the ability to add sockets to weapons and armor via new items simply called sockets which spawn about the same frequency as gems do.
  • Mithril and Adamant's Glyph's have been added and can be used with weapons and armor. These rerolls magic and rare items and adds mods based on the item level.
  • Color dyes have been added which will permanently change the color of a weapon, shield, helmet or body armor. There are nine different colors to pick from.
  • Gold loss from the stash in multiplayer games has been removed.
  • Players can no longer carrry Town Portal Scrolls, however there are town portal shrines placed in the larger dungeons, and before all boss rooms which otherwise lack a waypoint.


  • Larger dungeons to compensate for the multiplayer nature and to limit the need for reruns of the same area.
  • New optional side quests with rewards.
  • New music tracks for various parts of the game, especially dungeons and act bosses, which now have their own unique tunes.
  • New areas spread throughout all the acts of the game, and a new challenging dungeon that can only be visited in Hell difficulty.
  • New tilesets for some areas.
  • New quest requirements added to reach certain areas. For example, to enter Andariel’s Chamber, the Countess quest must be completed.