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Harrogath town (Diablo II).jpg
Act Act V
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NPCs Anya, Deckard Cain, Larzuk, Malah, Nihlathak, Qual-Kehk
Music Harrogath
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Normal Nightmare Hell
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Harrogath is the last stronghold held by the Barbarian defenders against Baal's siege to eradicate all opposition. The city is neither the capital of the Barbarians nor is it by any account the largest, but it does appear to be city closest to Mount Arreat. It did contain the Relic of the Ancients, the key needed to pass by the Ancients unharmed, which would indicate it was closely linked to the mountain.


  • Anya: Daughter of Aust, former elder of Harrogath. She sells magical equipment and gambles.
  • Deckard Cain: Last of the Horadrim. Identifies items.
  • Larzuk: The town smith. He knew the Barbarian it seems. Sells heavy equipment and weapons.
  • Malah: Town healer. Sells potions, scrolls and other magical equipment.
  • Nihlathak: The last Elder of Harrogath. Betrays the town and gives the Relic of the Ancients to Baal in the hopes that the Barbarian people will be saved.
  • Qual-Kehk: Military leader of the town. Mercenary Captain who hires and resurrects hirelings.