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Hardcore Summoner
Game Diablo II
Class Necromancer
Primary Attack Raise Skeleton
Can Solo Hell? Yes
Creator Stefke-HC


To start off with, the Summoner Necromancer is my all time favourite Hardcore character. It kept me alive in all sorts of situations and especially the Battle.net lags, which are in my opinion your worst enemy in Hardcore games. I've been playing Diablo II from the very beginning until now, but with breaks in between. Nowadays my time is getting limited, cause of my work, family and other stuff, but I consider myself a well-rounded Diablo player. Also I never really was a forum type kind of guy, I just liked playing the game, but since I've joined the Diablofans forums last month things have changed and I kind of really liked posting a bit of nonsense and talking about my favourite game of all time. So I decided to share my Necromancer build on the Diablofans Wiki and here it is. Two more things before we start:

  • This is a Hardcore based build, so the main reason is to stay alive and after that incinerate monsters, which goes pretty easy anyway but on Softcore you would probably use your skill points a different way.
  • Also I would like to let you know that this is a VERY EXPENSIVE BUILD, and without these items it's going to be a lot harder to clear any high end content (Übers, Diablo-Clone). You do not want to get yourself killed cause you're poorly geared. Remember you're playing on Hardcore and dying sucks.

Status Points

  • Strength: Put enough in here to wear your gear. It really depends on what kind of base armor you are using for your Enigma.
  • Dexterity: Make sure that you get your maximum block, it's really important. When your Bone Armor fails, you have to rely on your shield.
  • Vitality: Put everything you can spare over here. The more life you have, the more likely you will survive.
  • Energy: Useless, do not put any points in here.

Skill Points

You'll be need to be level 96 to use the build below. Don't be afraid, you'll be able to kill every monster around level 60. Start with all Summoning Spells, Corpse Explosion and Amplify Damage. Then put one point in Bone Armor, Bone Wall and Bone Prison and start maxing out Bone Wall and Bone Prison first, cause they give a higher synergy bonus than Bone Armor itself if you were to max it first.

  • Here you can find the build implemented in the Diablo Fans - Skill Calculator. [1]

Summoning Spells:

Poison and Bone Spells:


Now you'll have 3 points left that you can put into a skill of your choice. I've put mine into Corpse Explosion to increase the radius even more.


Your Gear:

  • Weapon: [Ethereal] Beast - Berserker Axe.


  • Weapon: [Ethereal] Pride Cryptic Axe.

The End

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