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Hamachi is an easy way to play Diablo mods online with others. Hamachi is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) application capable of establishing direct links between computers that are behind firewalls, along with various uses such as peer to peer chatting and network chat. When you use Hamachi it will be like you are on a LAN with the people the channel you are connected to. Despite a commercial license being available for purchase, it is not required for use of the program.


  1. Download Hamachi from the Hamachi website. Make sure you download the version corresponding to your operating system.
  2. Run the installer and follow the instructions.
  3. Once installed, open the program. There will be a "power on" button in the top left, press it. You will be prompted to make an account nickname, make it whatever you want.
  4. Once you log in, press the "Network" drop-down menu, click create or join network. Remember that network names and passwords are case sensitive.
  5. Once you are in a network, you can start hosting/joining games. To do this, simply start Diablo, click "other multiplayer" and then TCP/IP game.
  6. To join a game, wait until it is hosted, then click "Join game". In Diablo II mods you might have to type in the host's Hamachi IP.
  7. To host a game, click "Host game", choose a character and wait for your friends to connect.
  8. some one please confirm this and make sure it works (not working for me as of 5/22/2017)


Before you join a server, make sure you are running the same mod, the same version of the modand Diablo. If you use PlugY for Diablo II, make sure the game you are joining is for PlugY.

Feel free to add any server that you have created/know of. Make sure to include D2 version, mod and version, and whether you are using PlugY.

The Hell Networks

See the multiplayer forum for details.

However, people are using Tunngle now instead.

Median XL Networks

Network Name Password MXL Version D2 Version PlugY Version
MedianXL ZirzoR ZirzoR 1.F9 1.12 PlugY 9
medianXL-2012 New 1.F9 1.12 PlugY 9
stardragon1 1234 1.F9 1.12 PlugY 9
Fenix Median Fenix 1.F9 1.12 None
Tekkness Median 12345 1.F9 1.12 PlugY 9
MuXiLambda MXL 1.F9 1.12 PlugY 9
merlinsrealm wizard 1.F9 1.12 PlugY 9
Median Zone 1234 1.F9 1.12 PlugY 9
Antara1 1234 1.F9 1.12 PlugY 9
Jerry MXL-1 diablo 1.F9 1.12 PlugY 9
Jerry MXL-2
Jerry MXL-3
DSMsleeper median 1.F9 1.12 PlugY 9
MedianXL fun dragon 1.F9 1.12 PlugY 9
MedianXI median 1.F9 1.12 None
Legit12 legit 1.F9 1.12 None

Median freak 1.F9
gumdrop 1.F9 1.12 PlugY 9
diablo2 2016 1234 1.F9 1.13 None
Diablo II 1.14 Room 1 1234 1.F9 1.14 None

Managed Median XL Networks

028-089-605 5/16

029-693-124 6/16

029-849-074 7/16

034-678-399 2/16



-PlugY 9

-Hamachi 2.066 or Hamachi 1.3

-semi official clan