Halbu (Diablo II)

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Halbu (Diablo II).gif
Act Act IV
Affiliation Heaven likely
Services Repair, sells items
Starts Quest None
Gender Male
Voice Actor ?

Halbu is one of the two human NPC merchants found in the Pandemonium Fortress. Like his counterpart Jamella, he speaks very little, never offering advice or opinions on any quests. Halbu's only words are spoken, and selected from a variety of short phrases. He offers one each time a particular character returns to town.

  • "Hail to you, Champion."
  • "What do you need?"
  • "Hello."

Halbu appears to be a warrior chosen by Heaven to fight Hell, as Tyrael mentions that many mortals have journeyed to the Pandemonium Fortress. Perhaps his near silence is a result of his prolonged and never-ending battle against the Burning Hells.

Despite his near-silence, Halbu is a very useful NPC. He sells a wide variety of armor and weapons, along with bolts and arrows. He also handles the repair tasks in Act IV.