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Gulag was a dimwitted but powerful minion of Baal. Gulag appears in the first two novels of the Sin War series by Richard A. Knaak.


Gulag's form is a liquid mass of stone with only a huge gaping mouth on top. He may also take on the shape of a humanoid somewhat resembling a pig (while still keeping the pattern of a stone floor) with three eye stalks in place of a head. His mouth can expand to the size of his entire body.

Sin War

Lucion summons Gulag and Astrogha to assist him with a spell that will allow him to see Uldyssian. This requires bartering, and Lucion gives Gulag the head of the acolyte Ikarion in exchange for the demon's aid. After the spell is complete, Gulag remains in the Grand Temple of the Triune where he battles Lucion's morlu warriors over and over. It's not a challenge for Gulag, he simply does it to revel in their destruction.

He is killed by Uldyssian during the edyrem attack of the Triune temple located in Toraja, leaving nothing but a puddle in his death.