Guardian Tower

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Guardian Towers are automated defense constructs that summon elemental Spiderlings to fight the party. There are many kinds of Guardian Tower, each summons its own kind of elemental Spiderling. As elemental Spiderlings do not give loot, the party should prioritize killing these structures.


  • Elementally Enhanced
    Every individual is aligned to a specific element. Each element grants different abilities that are family dependent.
  • Inactive
    Is created in a hidden, invulnerable and inactive state. When a player approaches it activates revealing itself. After activation completes it becomes vulnerable. Activation duration is animation dependent so varies with family.
  • Summoning Trap
    Generates a field of detection with a radius of approximately half the screen. Any party member to enter the field is targeted for summoning upon. Summons 3 monsters by targets feet after a few seconds channeling. Has a cooldown period after summoning. Damage may interrupt trap channeling.