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The Grasslands is an area between Kehjan and the Cathedral of Light which is entirely covered in grass. The only sign of civilization there is the road leading between the two places that pilgrims traveling to and from the Cathedral use.

Sin War

Near the end of the conflict between Uldyssian and Inarius, the edyrem traversed the grasslands on their way towards the Cathedral. The grass had however been enchanted by Inarius, and once the edyrem army stepped out onto the plain the grass came alive and started attacking and strangling the humans. When the attack was finally repealed, Inarius' army stormed forth across the grass, followed by Inarius himself. As the battle progressed, Heaven made it's first entrance in the skies above the grasslands, and Hell had positioned its troops below ground in preparation for Heaven's assault. As such, it is probably the location where the largest battle that has thus far been fought on Sanctuary took place.

Whether the grasslands still remain today is unlikely as the Cathedral is gone.