Goatman Shaman

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Goatman Shaman 2.jpg

Goatman Shamans may be Demons or Animals. The only named type of Goatman Shaman seen thus far are Moon Clan Shaman, but it is all but certain there will be a variety of different Goatman clans in Diablo III, as there were in the earlier games in the series.

Though Goatmen were a popular monster in Diablo I and Diablo II, the Goatman Shaman is an entirely new monster type, and nothing is yet known about its abilities. Presumably, it will be able to buff Goatmen in various ways, and perhaps heal or even resurrect them as well. It is known that the shaman have intelligent AI; one in the WWI 2008 gameplay movie runs when its herd is wiped out by a Witch Doctor's Wall of Zombies, finds a new pack of goatmen, and takes up a position behind them.