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Goatman in Diablo III


Moon Clan Warrior

The khazra (colloquially known as "goatmen") were long thought to be natural inhabitants of our world, akin to the lacuni "panther-men" tribes of the desert and mountain regions, but I have recently discovered evidence revealing that nothing could be further from the truth. The history of the khazra is much more complex and disturbing than has been previously imagined.

According to ancient carvings that I have succeeded in translating, the khazra were originally human, part of the umbaru race found in the thick Torajan Jungles in the Teganze region of the eastern continent. At some point in the distant past, the five clans that would come to be known as the khazra migrated to higher elevations and began developing along different lines than the clansmen they left behind. They lived in relative peace and began the transition from a hunter-gatherer society to a farming one. This state of affairs changed dramatically when they encountered the Vizjerei about two thousand years ago (if my translations prove to be correct).

This was the height of the Mage Clan Wars, and even the mighty Vizjerei mage clan was showing signs of stress brought about by the prolonged struggle. A faction of the Vizjerei resolved to construct an army using demon-possessed victims, and the peaceful umbaru clans seemed to fit the Vizjerei's needs. It is unknown how the clans first came into contact with the Vizjerei, but within the span of a decade or so, some of the future khazra clans had turned from their peaceful existence to all-out warfare with the Vizjerei. This was surely the result of seeing their brothers being painfully transformed into savage goat-like creatures by the Vizjerei.

Though they were primitive by the standards of the Vizjerei, the umbaru clans held the powerful mages at bay through familiarity with the terrain and sheer ferocity. But this state of affairs could not hold forever. As decades of savage warfare took their toll on the umbaru's culture and minds, the clans began to search for any means to prevail over their enemies. In fact, they lost sight of anything else. Exact details on what transpired next are scarce, but I have ascertained that at some point during the next two hundred years they decided to use the Vizjerei's strength against them. To this end, the clans actively sought to capture a mage to do their bidding. Eventually they succeeded in violently coercing one of their captives to help them not only gain control over their transformed clan mates, but to have themselves transformed as well in order to fully drive the Vizjerei out of the Teganze.

Their strategy worked, but it was not without its price. They found themselves bound in servitude to the demon Zagraal in exchange for their cursed power (note that I neither endorse nor dismiss theories of a "Burning Hell" by the use of the term demon; it is simply used here in its original intent: to describe a being of malevolent or loathsome origin). They became furious marauders, driven to raid villages and caravans to sate their bloodlust and procure sacrificial victims for their demonic master. This is also when they became known as khazra, which roughly translates as "demon" or "devil" in the umbaru tongue.

After years of this terror, their previous brothers, the umbaru of the lower Teganze, sent their sacred witch doctor warriors to eradicate the khazra's threat to the region. Filled with otherworldly power, the witch doctors cut a swath of destruction through the khazra until they confronted Zagraal himself. In a now-legendary battle, the valiant heroes fought to the last man before finally bringing Zagraal down.

The khazra continued to wage war on humanity, but without a source of demonic power to draw from, they became weak. Despite a slight unexplained resurgence twenty or so years ago, their fury steadily drained from them until they became the sluggish and muddled beings we know today.

Addendum: While researching the various hostile wildlife that adventurers regularly encounter in their work, I have been informed that the khazra have regained some of their lost vim and vigor and are once again ferociously attacking humans. As of this writing, such reports remain uncorroborated by reliable sources.


Goatman in Diablo II


These demonic atrocities have been seen in many regions of Sanctuary and within the Western Kingdoms. These mutations of Evil are half man, half goat and signify the foulest form of Hell's will. Once confined to only the darkest labyrinths, they now venture out into the wilderness, ever closer to the encampments of man. Walking upright as men, with heads of horned goats, they tread upon cloven hooves and are skilled with weapons of war. They are cunning, working together to form organized clans that accomplish the desires of their devilish commanders. Their strength is immense and some of the more powerful clans are rumored to guard the lairs of Hell's more renowned demons.


Goatman in Diablo


Goat Men (Aries Vehemens): The lieutenants of Baal are bred for strength, endurance, and cunning. These demons constantly train themselves in the art of war, for battle is their bread and the blood of innocents, their water. There are several known "clans" of Goat Men, each given a different gift from their Dark Master. It is believed that to earn their powers they once held mock wars in Hell for the entertainment of the Three Brothers. Do not expect them to fight amongst themselves on the mortal realm, however, for they much prefer to slaughter the innocent.

Like most of Baal's spawn, the bestial Aries are incredibly strong and agile. Be especially wary of their archers, for they are renowned for the accuracy and power of their Great Bows. Fleet of foot, they may try to evade an unwary foe and then attack from a different angle.


Goatman in the Dungeons & Dragons Editions


In Diablerie and in To Hell and Back

Warriors of Hell, the goatmen once battled each other for the amusement of the Prime Evils. Now, they war against all who seek to stop their vile masters. The goatmen are broken into clans, the members of each with their own boon from their dark lords. These goat-headed humanoids are armed with curved blades, and half of them carry bows as well.

Moon Clan goatman flesh has a pale, luminous glow.

Night Clan goatmen blend the darkness. Thus, Night Clan goatmen get a +2 attack bonus to their first attack in any meelee.

Blood Clan goatmen become fierce at first blood. They get a +2 damage bonus against any foe that has been wounded in this combat.

Death Clan goatmen are killers through and through. Death clan receive a +8 racial saving throw bonus against mind-influencing effects.

Hell Clan goatmen are the ultimate terror of their kind. They have the special attacks of the Night and Blood Clans.

In The Awakening

Warriors of Hell, the Goat Demons once battled each other for the amusement of the Prime Evils. Now, they war against all who seek to stop their vile masters. These goat-headed humanoids are armed with curved blades, and half of them (50%) carry bows as well. The Goat Demons are broken into clans; the members of each with their own boon from their dark lords.

The Flesh Clan is the Weakest of the clans, and has no special abilities. Even so, its members are dangerous and crafty.

The Stone Clan Goat Demons are gray-fleshed in appearance and have no special abilities.

Fire Clan Goat Demons enjoy familiarity with fire, and they can fling small fireballs at enemies that burst in a 10' radius for 1d6 hit points.

The Moon Clan Goat Demons' flesh has a pale, luminous glow. They are unaffected by lightning or electrical attack. It is said the Moon Clan Goat Demons used to herd Hellhounds, as they are unaffected by the beasts' electrical discharges.

Night Clan Goat Demons blend with the darkness, and thus their first attack in any meelee is at +2 to hit.

Blood Clan Goat Demons become fierce at first blood, and once they've done any damage at all to a specific foe, all further damage to that foe is at +2.

Death Clan Goat Demons are killers through and through, and they make one Death Attack per day against which foes must save vs. death magic or die.

Hell Clan Goat Demons are the ultimate terror of their kind. They have the special attacks of the Night, Blood and Death Clan Goat Demons, and a few can stand against them.


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