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This page is a comprehensive list of all terms, slang, and acronyms used by fans and more savvy players when discussing or playing Diablo II and the expansion Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Some are more common than others. The original list, with some additions present here, came from the Diablo II forums at DiabloFans: http://www.diablofans.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5274


  • 1: Safe Town Portal
  • 2: Dangerous Town Portal
  • 3/20/20: Refers to a perfect Fine Small Charm of Vita, which adds +3 maximum damage, +20 Attack Rating, and 20 Life. These items are highly sought after and are incredibly valuable; unfortunately, legit 3/20/20's are exceedingly rare.
  • 313: A Toxic Small Charm of Anthrax, an uncommon small charm adding 313 poison damage over 11 seconds.
  • 40/15ias: A perfect Ruby Jewel of Fervor, which provides 40% enhanced damage and 15% increased attack speed. Also referred to as 40/15.
  • 40/15max: A perfect Ruby Jewel of Carnage, which provides 40% enhanced damage and +15 max damage. Also referred to as 40/15.
  • 451: A Pestilent Small Charm of Anthrax, an extremely rare small charm adding 451 poison damage over 12 seconds.
  • 5/5: Any Rainbow Facet (the element is usually specified) that has +5% damage and -5% enemy resistance.


  • @: All, as in 20@res, which describes an item adding 20 to all resistances.
  • A1: Act I
  • A2: Act II
  • A3: Act III
  • A4: Act IV
  • A5: Act V
  • Act Boss: Any of the final bosses of an act who are required to be slain in order to continue to the next act. These include Andariel, Duriel,



  • CA: Cryptic Axe
  • CB: Colossus Blade or Crushing Blow
  • Chances: Chance Guards also known as Chancies.
  • CHAR: Character
  • Circ: Can refer to any of the four varieties of Circlets.
  • COA: Crown of Ages
  • COH: Chains of Honor
  • Cows: Repeatedly clearing the Secret Cow Level for fast experience. Also known as Cow run or Cowrun.
  • CR: Cold Resistance
  • Cres: Cold Resistance
  • CS: Crystal Sword or Chaos Sanctuary or Critical Strike (which is found on the Barbarian and Assassin's weapon mastery skills and the Amazon's Critical Strike skill).
  • Chaos run: Players repeatedly kill Diablo and his minions in the Chaos Sanctuary for fast experience. Also known as CS run.
  • CTA: Call to Arms. The level of the Battle Orders on the Rune Word is usually indicated (i.e. 6 BO CTA).
  • CtC or C2C: Chance to Cast. Some suffixes give items a chance to cast certain spells when the character attacks ("On Attack") or the attack lands ("On Striking").
  • CV: Colossus Voulge









  • K: Short for "Kilo"; a thousand.
  • KB: Knockback


  • Lag: High Latency
  • LC: Large Charm
  • Legit: Usually refers to a non-duped item.
  • LL: Life leech. Life Stolen Per Hit.
  • LLD: Low Level Dueling, the practice of dueling with certain level characters. For example level 29s.
  • LoD: Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
  • LR: Low Rune or Lightning Resistance
  • Lres: Lightning Resistance
  • LT: Life Tap
  • Lvl: Level
  • LW: Last Wish


  • MAEK or MPK: Mana After Each Kill / Mana Per Kill
  • MB: Matriarchal Bow or Mind Blast
  • Merc: Mercenary. Often used in combination with an item, indicating that the item is intended for a Mercenary to use (i.e. it is ethereal and/or made in an item that is ideal for a Merc to use).
  • MF: Magic Find
  • MF gear: A set of gear providing high MF.
  • MF runs: The process of trying to find items by killing various high drop chance bosses repeatedly, often wearing special MF gear. Also known as MFing.
  • MH: Maphack
  • Mill: Million
  • ML: Mana leech. Mana Stolen Per Hit.
  • Mlvl: Monster level
  • MP: Mage Plate or Multi Player
  • MR: Medium Rune



  • O: Offer/Offering
  • OS: Open Sockets, typically preceded by a number (e.g. 4os).


  • P: Paladin or Perfect (can reference the gem quality or any item which has rolled all of the highest possible of its variable stats).
  • Pala: Paladin
  • PB: Phase Blade
  • PC: Price Check
  • Pcomb: Refers to a Grand Charm with +1 to Paladin Combat Skills
  • PDSC: Poison Damage Small Charm
  • Perf: Perfect
  • Pgem: Perfect Gem
  • PK: Player Kill
  • PnB: Poison and Bone
  • Poof: An automatically deleted duplicated aka duped item. Also known as Poofed or Poofing.
  • PP: Party Please
  • PR: Poison Resistance
  • Pres: Poison Resistance
  • PSN: Poison
  • Ptorch: Paladin Hellfire Torch
  • PvM: Player vs. Monster
  • PvP: Player vs. Player




  • Red: Burning Essence of Terror, which is dropped by Diablo.
  • Res: Reserve or Resistance(s)
  • RM: Remake
  • Rust Storm: A dupe-detector program run occasionally that detects and "rusts" i.e. deletes all duped items.
  • Rune Rushing: The process of quickly advancing low level characters into Hell Act IV in order to benefit from the Hellforge quest rune drops. Also known as RR, Rune Run or Rune Rush.
  • Rush: The process of a more powerful character helping often a much weaker character to advance in acts rapidly. Also known as Rushing.
  • RV: Rex Vex
  • R/W: Run/Walk
  • RW: Rune Word




  • ÜberD: Uber Diablo or Über Diablo, also known as UberD.
  • Übers: The Pandemonium Event, also known as Über Tristram or Uber Tristram.
  • Unid: Unidentified.


  • Valk: Valkyrie
  • Vanilla: Refers to an unmodded installation of any Diablo game.