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Gladiators are true masters of melee combat. Their ability to inflict tremendous melee damage is unparalleled. They can also wield any type of weapons (including bows and staves) quite effectively. But they prefer either two weapon style or axes. Less often - bows. The biggest of Gladiators receive bonus to their damage from vitality when wielding axe. They don't use shields very much as they don't benefit from those as others, and they prefer to cause more damage than hide behind the shield.

Their stamina has incredible potential and compensates fro the lack of defense. They scorn magic and spellcasting, their magic potential is nearly non-existent, and their spellcasting speed is very low. They start with Reflect skill, which can be used to return some of the melee damage received back at the attackers, at the cost of temporary decreasing character's resistance to melee damage. Other classes can also learn Reflect from books, but only Gladiators can cast it without using mana.


Stats to focus on, in order of importance: STR, VIT, DEX, MAG

Starting Maximum[1] Purpose
Strength 30 250 Wearing gear, blocking melee attacks and doing damage.
Magic 0 20 Wearing jewelry, reading books, mana regain and total mana.
Dexterity 10 130 Wearing gear, chance to dodge attacks, chance to hit and block.
Vitality 25 240 Max -DFE, life regain, effect of healing, stun threshold, base damage with axe and total life.
Life 100 951 Staying alive.
Mana 0 45 Casting spells.
DFE (cap)[2] -12 -120 Reduces damage taken from enemies
Armor 3 38 Reduces the chance enemies will hit you.

Special properties

  • Does sweep attack (damage to two additional adjacent targets) when using axe, single- or dual sharps/blunts.
    • The maximum chance of sweep attack with sword(s) and/or blunt(s) is 40%.
  • Deals additional damage with axes based on vitality and wields them faster than any other weapon.
  • When using an item with Armor Piercing property, Gladiators receive +6,25% on top of AP bonus, e.g. -25% AC becomes -31,25% AC for Gladiator. (since v1.113)
  • Regenerates additional 20/64 life per second (not affected by '+100% life regeneration rate' effect).
  • Gets 50% less mana restored from small mana potions.
  • Shields only give half AC (rounded up).
  • Maximum chance to block (both melee and ranged) is capped at 25%.
  • Has the highest stun threshold among all classes due to the highest vitality[3].


  • Total life = 3.5•Vitcharacter + 3•Vititems + 2•clvl + Lifeitems + 11
  • Total mana = 1•Magcharacter + 1•Magitems + 0.5•clvl + Manaitems + 0
  • Total armor:
    • With no armor/leather/mail: Dex/5 + ACitems + clvl/2
    • With plate: Dex/5 + ACitems + clvl/4
  • Minimum DFE (cap) = Vitcharacter/2
  • Melee damage resistance = (Rnd[36 + Vitbase/8] + 30)% (min30%max95%)
  • Base damage for different weapon combinations
    • Axe: (Str * clvl) / 90 + (Vit * clvl) / 65       (since v1.119 beta 7)
    • Sword + Sword or Club + Club: (Str * clvl) / 90       (since v1.66a)
    • Club + Sword or Sword + Club: (Str * clvl) / 70       (since v1.126h)
    • Sword/Club + Shield/empty: (Str * clvl) / 90       (since v1.66a)
    • Bow: (Str * clvl) / 124       (since v1.64)
  • Base (without quick attack properties) frames per attack with different weapons (as of v1.216)
    • Axe: 8 (16 for slow axes)
    • Sword, Club, Sword + Club: 9
    • Bow without Fury: 11, with Fury: 13
    • Staff: 11
    • Spell casting: 16
  • Critical hits
    • PvM melee: (clvl / 2 + 10)% chance of 200% damage.
    • PvM missile: (clvl / 8 + 2)% chance of 200% damage.
  • Innate ToHit bonuses in PvM: melee +15% (since v1.101), missile +40% (since v1.65g).
  • MvP autohit (a minimum chance of monsters hitting a player) in single player: melee 20% (since v1.153), missile 14% (since v1.100k).

Diablo: The Hell is a free modification of Diablo: Hellfire. It features many minor improvements and bug fixes, which combined greatly enhances the players experience over the original game. If you are thinking about replaying the original Diablo, try Diablo: The Hell instead. Start by reading the getting started guide.

  1. Listed maximum stats are for a level 50 assassin with all her ability points maxed out, and without items or spell effects.
  2. In singleplayer, DFE is also capped at -25 on Horror mode and at -50 on Purgatory mode.
  3. Before v1.70 (when the stun threshold didn't depend on Vitality), Gladiator had an explicit 25% bonus to it. Since v1.70, the stun threshold depends on Vitality and the special bonus for Gladiator may have been removed.