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Gillian the Barmaid is the barmaid who works for Ogden in the town of Tristram in Diablo I. Her ailing grandmother prevents her from leaving the town despite Diablo's evil emanating from the labyrinth. Although rumors have it that she was planned to have a larger part in the game, in the finished game she is not directly related to any quests.

She has many kind things to say about a couple of the inhabitants of Tristram, especially Ogden and Pepin. She is wary of Adria.

Wirt has a crush on her in Diablo I, as he reveals to the Hero that he would like to take Gillian away with him when he leaves the town, as well as 'showering gold and riches' upon her. He also mentions a secret project that requires 'a great deal of gold' to the Hero; whether this means setting Gillian up for life or financing some other scheme is not revealed. Sadly, Wirt is killed in Diablo II and is not able to reach this lofty goal. Gillian, on the other hand, while sympathizing with Wirt's previous traumatic experiences, only sees Wirt as "a mean spirited youngster," but harbors memories of Wirt's deceased mother, Canace, as they grew up together.

Gillian also states that she would love to repay Ogden and his wife for their kindness for taking her and her ailing grandmother in and letting her work at the inn by helping them to set up a grand hotel in the East, should the opportunity ever arise.

Deckard Cain eventually learned that she fled Tristram with the Witch, Adria, in spite of her initial mistrust of the woman. She was charged with taking care of the newborn in Caldeum while Adria disappeared. It is not clear what happened to her after Cain took custody of Leah, although since he doesn't mention anything about her demise, she is probably still alive.

Greiz, the mercenary captain from Diablo II and Wirt seem to share common interests, as they both love money and have crushes on barmaids (Greiz's affections being towards Atma, the tavern keeper in Lut Gholein.)


From Diablo[]

  • Good day! How may I serve you?


  • The woman at the edge of town is a witch! She seems nice enough, and her name, Adria, is very pleasing to the ear, but I am very afraid of her.
It would take someone quite brave, like you, to see what she is doing out there.
  • My grandmother had a dream that you would come and talk to me. She has visions, you know and can see into the future.
  • Our Blacksmith is a point of pride to the people of Tristram. Not only is he a master craftsman who has won many contests within his guild, but he received praises from our King Leoric himself - may his soul rest in peace. Griswold is also a great hero; just ask Cain.
  • Cain has been the storyteller of Tristram for as long as I can remember. He knows so much, and can tell you just about anything about almost everything.
  • Farnham is a drunkard who fills his belly with ale and everyone else's ears with nonsense.
I know that both Pepin and Ogden feel sympathy for him, but I get so frustrated watching him slip farther and farther into a befuddled stupor every night.
  • Pepin saved my grandmother's life, and I know that I can never repay him for that. His ability to heal any sickness is more powerful than the mightiest sword and more mysterious than any spell you can name. If you ever are in need of healing, Pepin can help you.
  • I grew up with Wirt's mother, Canace. Although she was only slightly hurt when those hideous creatures stole him, she never recovered. I think she died of a broken heart. Wirt has become a mean-spirited youngster, looking only to profit from the sweat of others. I know that he suffered and has seen horrors that I cannot even imagine, but some of that darkness hangs over him still.
  • Ogden and his wife have taken me and my grandmother into their home and have even let me earn a few gold pieces by working at the inn. I owe so much to them, and hope one day to leave this place and help them start a grand hotel in the east.