Gharbad the Weak (Diablo I Quest)

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Gharbad the Weak
Quest Giver Gharbad
Dungeon Level Cathedral Level 4
Goal Kill Gharbad
Reward Two random magic items
Multiplayer? No

This quest includes a series of interactions with the goat-demon Gharbad the Weak. Gharbad the Weak is located on dungeon level four. At first, he will beg for mercy, promising to make something special for the hero if his life is spared. When the hero returns after a while, Gharbad will give the hero a magic item as proof that Gharbad will keep his end of the bargain. Later, he will tell the hero that he is almost done creating the promised item. Finally, on the fourth visit, the goat-demon will attack. Defeating him will yield another magic item, and the completion of this quest.

This quest shares the same quest group as The Butcher and Ogden's Sign, meaning only two of these three quests will appear in any given game.

Gharbad Quest Dialog

First Encounter: "Pleeeease, no hurt, no kill. Keep alive and next time good bring to you."

First Return: "Something for you I am making. Again, not kill Gharbad, live and give good. You take this as proof I keep word..."

Second Return: "Nothing yet! Almost done. Very powerful, very strong. Live! Live! No pain and promise I keep!"

Final Return: "This too good for you. Very powerful! You want - you take!"

Player (after killing Gharbad): "I'm NOT impressed!"