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  • PC with Windows 95 or greather.
  • The original Diablo CD.
  • 2GB of free diskspace.
  • Multiplayer over the Internet:
    • Tunngle: Free and works very well (recommended).
    • Hamachi: Free if you do not want to host large networks.
    • Kali: Costs 10$, if you wish to use it after the 30 days trial.


Option 1: All-in-one installer (Recommended for new players)

  1. Download and run the all-in-one installer.
    • The installer will ask for DIABDAT.MPQ.
  2. Install music addon (optimal).
  3. Run "The Hell" shortcut from the desktop or start menu.

Option 2: Manual install from the official download page

  1. Download and extract the full release of The Hell to its own folder.
    • You have to download each file to the same folder, and then extract the first one.
    • If there is a patch, download and extract it to the same folder.
  2. Copy DIABDAT.MPQ from your Diablo CD to the same folder.
  3. Execute TheHell.exe (Not TH.exe).

Option 3: Manual install from CableCat's mirror

  1. Download and extract the upgrade release of The Hell to its own folder.
  2. Download THdata.mor and extract it to the same folder.
    • If you are upgrading, you can skip this.
  3. Copy DIABDAT.MPQ from your Diablo CD to the same folder.
  4. Install addons (optimal).
  5. Execute TheHell.exe (Not TH.exe).

Choosing a player class

There are six different classes to choose from, each with different attributes:

  • Paladin: versatile warriors, who believe in discipline and war art.
  • Scout: the best archers, whose arrows are fast, precise and deadly.
  • Mage: true casters and masters of elemental damage.
  • Monk: agile and fast, they prefer staves to any other sort of weapons.
  • Assassin: cold-blooded killers, they use both magic and melee weapons.
  • Gladiator: true masters of melee combat.

Pick the class you think you will have most fun with, rather than the one you think is most powerful.

Playing the game

Have fun playing the game. Remember to save in single player, or you lose all your progress when you die. In multiplayer your character is constantly saved, if you drop an item and quit, it is lost. Remember to backup your save files once in a while.

Hints on battling monsters:

  • When the game becomes too hard, make a new game and start at a earlier level.
  • Use Fury and Aegis spells.
  • Use hotkeys.

Hints on accumulating gold:

  • Gold dropping from monsters is your best source of income.
  • Selling white items is not worth the time, or the prize of a TP.
  • Identifying is expensive, using a staff is cheaper (even more with the mage's recharge skill).
  • Later in the game, raise the durability of items that are expensive to repair.

Good source of information:

  • The Hell Guide: Read it before playing more than the first few levels.
  • The readme file: If you skip reading this, you can run into trouble.
  • Changelog: Keep up to date with the newest changes.
  • Jarulf’s Guide: In-depth guide about the games The Hell is based upon.
  • The forum: Best source of information about the game

Participate in the development

The Hell needs you. Visit the forum, and post your suggestions and bug reports.

Diablo: The Hell is a free modification of Diablo: Hellfire. It features many minor improvements and bug fixes, which combined greatly enhances the players experience over the original game. If you are thinking about replaying the original Diablo, try Diablo: The Hell instead. Start by reading the getting started guide.