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Gamuel is a priest of the Cathedral of Light. He is second only to Inarius, and is equal in power with Oris, a female priest. Before joining the Cathedral Gamuel was a powerful warrior, and also a mercenary.

Gamuel is used by Inarius as an assassin to kill Uldyssian ul-Diomed while he is seeking diplomacy in Kehjan. Inarius mesmerizes Uldyssian to give Gammuel a better chance, then teleports him into Uldyssian's room. Uldyssian breaks out of the mesmerization just as Gamuel approaches and they battle. With Inarius suppressing Uldyssian's powers Gamuel succeeds in extinguishing the life of the Edyrem leader. Just as Uldyssian is dying he feels a coldness spreading through him; the coldness of death. He isolates and concentrates the sensation in his hands then shoves it into Gammuel, effectively killing him. Sensing Gamuel has failed, Inarius teleports the body back to him. He finds that Gamuel hasn't been "killed", he in fact has suffered the death of Uldyssian:

Oddly, the mercenary-turned-priest-turned-assassin had not been killed. What he had suffered was not only far more complex than that but something that Inarius could not recall ever seeing in all his centuries. Gamuel had not suffered his own death... but rather Uldyssian's. Impossible as it seemed even to an angel, Uldyssian, who should have died from the wound he had taken, had instead passed that death onto his killer. He had thrust his dying into Gamuel, who, unable to do anything else had been forced to accept it.[1]


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