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Act Act I
Affiliation Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye
Services Provides help and advice for new players.
Starts Quest None
Gender Female
Voice Actor Nina Minton

Flavie is an elite rogue scout that, at the time of the hero's arrival at the camp, is on guard in the area between the Blood Moor and the Cold Plains. Before completion of the Den of Evil quest, she advises you to stay in the Blood Moor. After completion of the quest, she warns you about the dangers ahead.

Often, you will encounter Flavie very early in the game, so she is able to help, if you get the monsters attacking you close enough to her. She is not attackable and cannot die, so she is interesting to have around when fighting bosses (especially Uber Diablo).


Before completing the Den of Evil:

  • "Turn back! I can tell that you need more experience to fight safely in the next wilderness."
  • "Halt! You should complete Akara's quest before venturing further. Search for the Den in the wilderness closer to camp."

After completing the Den of Evil:

  • "Beware! The evil is strong ahead."
  • "Beware! Beyond lies mortal danger for the likes of you!"
  • "Take care! The Corrupted Rogues in the wilderness ahead are not to be trifled with."