Flame Wave (Diablo I)

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Flame Wave
Flame Wave (Diablo I).png
Damage Magic Requirements
Base Damage 1-10 Spell Level 1 54
Damage Type Fire Requires 255 at Level 9
Damage Increase Mana Cost
per Class Level - Initial Mana Cost 35
per Spell Level +1 Reduction per Spell Level -3
per Magic Point +1/8 Lowest Mana Cost 20

Flame Wave launches a wall of flames towards the caster's enemies. It costs more mana and deals less damage than the comparative Fireball, though it does cover a larger area. There are few situations in the game when a large room of weak enemies has to be cleared, which gives Fireball an edge. Flame Wave might be useful during quests such as The Curse of King Leoric and The Chamber of Bone.

Damage Calculations

Real Damage: Rnd[10] + slvl + [Mag/8] + 1
Min. Damage: 1 + slvl + [Mag/8]
Max. Damage: 10 + slvl + [Mag/8]

* The added damage from each character level is then multiplied by the spell level bonus, resulting in a much greater bonus the higher the spell level.