Fire Wall (Diablo I)

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Fire Wall
Fire Wall (Diablo I).png
Damage Magic Requirements
Base Damage 4-40 Spell Level 1 27
Damage Type Fire Requires 255 at Level 13
Damage Increase Mana Cost
per Class Level +2 Initial Mana Cost 28
per Spell Level - Reduction per Spell Level -2
per Magic Point - Lowest Mana Cost 16

Fire Wall creates a wall of fire of 11 stationary flames next to each other. Monsters will try not to pass the flames, though this will not always be the case. Aiming the wall and having it appear in the proper direction can also be a hassle. The duration starts out at 8 seconds (12 in Hellfire) and increases by another 8 seconds for each Spell Level.

Damage Calculation

(Rnd[10] + Rnd[10] + clvl + 2)/8