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Median XL
Median XL.gif
Modder Brother Laz
Latest Release Omega
Game Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
Patch Version 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13
Platform Windows
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Released in December 2007, Median 2008 is a major overhaul of the Diablo 2 game which changed a lot of things including class skills, player mechanics, monsters, levels, items, many other things. It was then upgraded to Median XL which added more changes such as more uberlevels and class skills.


  • The old Diablo 2 Difficulty system (Normal, Nightmare, Hell) is replaced with a new one (Hatred, Terror, Destruction)
  • The player level is increased to 120
  • New monster types such as Elite, Heroic and Ubermonsters
  • New uberbosses such as Ennead Necromancers, Quov Tsin, Akarat, and Juris Khan
  • 30 new uber quests in 3 categories, uber dungeons, uberlevels, and summoning levels.
  • New gems and new runes
  • New gemwords and new runewords
  • New uniques and sets
  • New types of items such as Honorific
  • Many references to Diablo I, Diablo II, various Diablo novels, Starcraft, and even Warcraft

Character Classes

In Median each of the original 7 classes from classic D2 are preserved. They are the Amazon, the Assassin, the Barbarian, the Druid, the Necromancer, the Paladin, and the Sorceress.

Class Skills and Oskills

In Median, the old Diablo 2 skill system is thrown out and replaced with a 6 tier skill chart. The first 5 tiers are consisted of the usual skills which are divided into similar categories based on what they have in common. Then for the sixth tier there are 5 uber skills which you can only choose out of the first 3 at level 90. For the fourth uberskill you need to complete the Ennead Challenge. Finally for the fifth uberskill you need to complete the Black Road Challenge. There are also Oskills that can be gotten through various runewords, uniques, sets, and even jewelery. Some of these Oskills are for a certain classes only but on the other hand there are certain oskills that are for all classes.


The mercenaries in Median XL each have their own set of skills. Each mercenary has several different types.

The Sisters

Weakened by the prolonged siege, the Sisters of the Sightless Eye may not be in fighting condition. But help them liberate the Monastery and watch them rise and shine.


Starts with 30 energy, +6 energy per level
Defensive Harmony: slows attackers by 25%, +1% per 5 levels
Ranger Skills
Name Effect
Level 1 Cascade Shoots arrows at all nearby enemies
Level 12 Vanquish Briefly increases physical damage
Level 18 Wraith Arrow Arrow that unleashes homing spirits
Level 24 Broadside Fires a massive stream of arrows at nearby enemies
Level 90 War Spirit Adds crushing blow and automatically casts spike novas

Priestess Skills
Name Effect
Level 1 Barrage Shoots arrows in random directions
Level 12 Blood Tide Totem* Increases maximum life by a percentage
Level 18 Vindicate Curse effect: Heals party and increases damage when victim dies
Level 24 Deathstrike Mercenary shoots her bow and calls down an energy blast
Level 90 Tremor All visible enemies lose 25% of their current life

* The Sisters have traditionally fought in a rigid phalanx under Kashya's command and may not be trained in battlefield tactics. Keep a teleport item or skill handy in case she blocks your path with totems.

The Town Guard

Several trading routes converge at Lut Gholein, the jewel of the East. When the demons blocked access over land and the kraken nested in the port, travelling merchants, mystics and warriors were forced to take up arms to replace the dwindling numbers of town guards.


Starts with 20 energy, +4 energy per level
Suppression: crushing blow 25%, +1% per 5 levels
Grit: damage reduced by 20%, +1% per 5 levels
Exemplar Skills
Name Effect
Level 1 Retaliate Retaliates when struck with a damaging shockwave
Level 1 Gorefest Melee attack that causes a fountain of blood
Level 6 Lifeblood Slowly regenerates lost life over time
Level 12 King of Blades Automatically casts bouncing blades at nearby enemies
Level 90 Disintegrate Destructive blast of physical and magic damage

Shapeshifter Skills
Name Effect
Level 1 Werebear Turn into a bear, increasing life and armour
Level 1 Claw Tornado Melee attack that sends out spinning whirlwinds
Level 6 Bloodlust Increases all damage of the party
Level 12 Pounce Teleport onto an enemy, causing a powerful shockwave
Level 90 Thorn Field Melee attack that summons a ripple of spiked thorns

Fighter Mage Skills
Name Effect
Level 1 Titan Strike Melee attack that heals and increases stats
Level 1 Guard Tower Summons a guard tower that shoots arrows at enemies
Level 6 Glacial Nova Cast a gigantic nova that completely freezes enemies
Level 12 Fortress Summons a ring of guard towers around the mercenary
Level 90 Time Field Field that slows the movement and attack speed of enemies

The Iron Wolves

Kehjistan is the wellspring of magic. This is where the first magically attuned hunter-gatherers settled at ley nodes and founded the primeval mage clans. Their distant sons of seventh sons will not give up the ley nodes to the forces of Hell without giving them hell first!


Starts with 200 energy, +20 energy per level
Unearthly Power: +250 energy factor to spell damage, +5 per level
Warp Armor: total defense +100%, +1% per level
Bloodmage Skills
Name Effect
Level 1 Flamefront Cast a wave of multiple streaking fireballs
Level 1 Punisher Slow moving bolt that deals lethal poison damage
Level 12 Gift of Inner Fire Instantly regenerates the party's lost life
Level 24 Pyroblast Giant fireball that explodes in a pool of flame
Level 90 Liche Form Mercenary turns invulnerable and shoots Punishers around

Necrolyte Skills
Name Effect
Level 1 Hunting Banshee Spirit follows random targets before exploding
Level 1 Charm Converts enemies to fight other enemies
Level 12 Hex Curse effect: Damage and spell damage boost when victim hits you
Level 24 Hailstorm Rains deadly cold on target enemy
Level 90 Venomous Spirit Casts a powerful homing spirit of lethal poison

Abjurer Skills
Name Effect
Level 1 Forked Lighting Cast multiple forked lightning bolts
Level 1 Banish Curse effect: Reduces monster life by a percentage
Level 12 Singularity Massively damaging black hole
Level 24 Supernova Cast a gigantic nova of lightning
Level 90 Superbeast Morph into a demon, gain spell damage and speed

The Barbarians

Considered uncivilized man-beasts by some, sons of the nephalem by others, the only reason why few outsiders have reported their considerable shamanic prowess is because they were usually at the receiving end of it.


Starts with 10 energy, +2 energy per level
Mountain King: 20% bonus to strength and dexterity, +1% per 10 levels
Barbarian Skills
Name Effect
Level 1 Gift of The Wild Increases all damage of the party
Level 12 Thunder Slam Damages and stuns enemies in a radius
Level 24 Shower of Rocks Melee attack that drops rocks that reduce attack rating
Level 60 Ancients' Hand Melee attack that unleashes a shockwave through the ground
Level 90 Warband Summons a barbarian army


There are many new types of monsters in Median XL

The first type of monsters you may see are called Elites.
The elite forces of the demonic hordes are much more dangerous than their lesser underlings.
Elite monsters are similar to their lesser species but have an yellow name, higher statistics and usually employ additional or different attacks and defenses.
Elite (Median XL).gif
The second type of new monsters you may see are called Heroics.
Even stronger than elite monsters, heroic monsters are thankfully confined to their own dungeons which are usually out of the way... usually.
Rumour has it that the guardians of Baal himself are among them.
Heroic (Median XL).gif
The last type of new monsters you may see are called Ubermonsters.
Median XL features 28 uberquests, the ultimate challenges of the game. Uberquest monsters are the toughest and hardest monsters in the game.
There is usually something 'special' about ubermonsters, from a shield aura that grants the boss an immunity shield to the ability to resurrect upon death.
Uber (Median XL).gif
In 1.E9, a new type of monster was introduced called veteran monsters
The Prime Evils' ace in the hole. These are the few demons who survived the battle below Tristram and have only gotten stronger. They appear very rarely and only in specific areas, but you'll know it when you find them.
Veteran monsters are unique in the game and have a dark green name and powerful attacks and defences.