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Eastern Sun
Eastern Sun Wiki Logo.jpg
Modder tsuru, Perfect Cell, Lothar
Latest Release 3.00 R6D
Game Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
Patch Version 1.10
Platform PC, Mac
Database Database
Forum Forum at The Phrozen Keep

Eastern Sun is a mod designed for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction v. 1.10, created by Perfect Cell and Lothar and then continued to be worked on by reiyo_oki and tsuru of The Phrozen Keep. Most of the work in the past years was by tsuru. Recently Perfect Cell has resumed control of the mod. One of the most popular and extensively developed mods for Diablo II, Eastern Sun features a number of enhancements to the original game. Eastern Sun adds new skills, monsters, dungeons, items, runewords, cuberecipies, bosses and more, while at the same time keeping all the original items and skills in the game.

The mod installs in a sub-directory of your Diablo II folder. This means it doesn't change any game files. This was previously useful as you could then play on Battle.net while having Eastern Sun installed. Eastern Sun will work with 1.12 by temporarily reverting your game to 1.10, however you will need the LoD CD to run the game.

General Information

Eastern Sun increased all monsters’ level, life, defense, damage, attack rating and experience granted. Monsters are re-allocated and new monsters were added, including Black Knight, Goatman Lord, Beholder, Succubus from Diablo I, King Leoric, Belhifeit, Cyclops and others. The max character level is 100.

Acts 2, 3 and 5 maps have been altered. Two of the new/changed areas are the Lost Farm where literally hundreds of ghost cows will try to kick the moo out of you, and the Marsh of Pain where there is not one, not two, but many Duriels waiting to pounce on you, they are also quick.

All characters have revamped and new skills. Also, thanks to PlugY, you have access to a nearly endless shared stash plus you are able to re-allocate your skill points. Stat point re-allocation is disabled in-game, but is possible through an external program included in the Eastern Sun folder.

One of the mod’s main features is the enormous amount of customization you can add to items using the Horadric Cube and “things” you will find along the way. Many new collectibles have been added to enhance your equipment, such as ancient deciphers, hearts, souls, steaks, quills, crystals and the all-important Dragon Stones (D-stones for short). Save everything as it will have its uses, there are even stockers to store them.


In LoD Act 2 mercs are the most preferred. In Eastern Sun the mercs are all well balanced and is recommended that you try out different ones to see the difference for yourself. Mercs use more various skills, including Battle Orders, Fanaticism and Conviction, have good support skills and are almost equally useful. They level much faster and the status of mercs aren't affected by the difficulty they are hired in. They can be equipped with full gear now including gloves, belt, boots, rings and an amulet. They also have their own mercenary only sets to wear as well that grants them extra abilities and bonuses, however you can also equip them with regular equipment that your character uses.


There are set, rune and coupon jackpots in which upon killing a unique monster you can get a full set in one dropping or multiple runes or coupons. Getting all pieces of a set is very possible thanks to Eastern Sun's focus on smaller group play. In fact you will most likely get multiple full sets for all characters. Ancient Scrolls unlock secret recipes for the Horadric Cube which will allow you to do many new and interesting things including re-roll items, add sockets to items even -- rings, amulets and charms! -- as well as many other things. Obtaining three of the same Ancient Coupon and cubing them will get you a LoD unique item of same base with at least one socket. Many new base items have been added as well, including brass knuckles and battering arms (it really is an arm), katanas for Assassins, ritualistic daggers for Necromancers, mana blades for Sorceress', throwing axes for Barbarians, new circlets called Hachigane as well as other headgear, various types of elven chainmail and cloaks for Assassins and Sorceress' just to name a few.

Item Enhancements

In Eastern Sun there are many ways to increase the effectiveness of your items in your quest to defeat Baal and the monsters lurking in the Domain. One method that is heavily used is D-Stoning.


There are new runes (46 new runes based on Japanese Hiragana and 14 new runes based on Kanji (Japanese characters using Chinese script also known as Han characters)) and runewords, but you can still use the LoD runes (called decals in Eastern Sun) if you prefer some of the LoD runewords. Kanji runes being more powerful and much harder to come by are made by combining crystals and a null rune. There are 222 new runewords besides all the LoD runewords. The runes can also be removed and reloaded with ease (without losing the runes themselves) to get closer-to-perfect/perfect stats with use of the Horadric Cube.

There is a new gem, obsidian, and blemished grade has been added. Gems have been given multiple and much improved stats. You can now make gemwords now as well, there are 21 gemwords. E.g. Socketing amethysts into gloves, weapons, arrows or bolts (gemword Mighty) will give you a 2-18% CTC level 1-18 Amplify Damage on striking (chance and level depends on number and grade of gems) along with a few other abilities. You can now buy gems at the vendors and are also easily removed by using the Cube.


Gambling is greatly improved. There is a 30% chance for rares, 5% chance for sets and 5% chance for uniques from gambling and buying chits. You can even set the gambling filter to display only items you are looking for. Gold is actually important here.

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