Fallen Overseer

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Fallen Overseers are the commanders of the Fallen kind. Not only are they considerably larger and stronger than their Fallen brethren, but also braver. They will not flee at the sight of their comrades dying and can even release a moral boosting war cry to stop Fallen from routing. They also possess a powerful slam attach where they try and slam party members with their Two-Handed Mauls which does high damage.


  • War Cry
    Gives off a moral boosting shout that buffs nearby Fallen, improving their stats and preventing them from running away when nearby monsters are killed.
  • Slam
    Slams the ground using their weapon dealing high damage to party members who are directly in-front.






Image Name Affixes Variant Location Notes


Balzhak Bane of the Desert

Fallen Master

Bramok the Overlord.jpg

Bramok the Overlord Unmerciful Slavemaster

Fallen Master

Created as part of the Prisoners of Kamyr event. Must be killed to complete event and provides event loot drop.