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The Fallen Lunatic is by far one of the most dangerous and feared monster families. They possess low health so can easily be dispatched but the problem comes from their Kamikaze Attack combined with their speed. A few seconds after spotting a party member or taking damage they will detonate doing very high damage to every party member nearby. Once their detonation sequence has been triggered they will use their high speed to try and position themselves close to the party to deal as much damage as possible. They usually spawn in packs easily capable of flattening the party unless precautions are taken. It is rumored that this monster family has caused the most player deaths in Hardcore. Responsible for the notorious door trap, where they wait just behind a door in keep sections of Act 3, ready to instantly explode on anyone foolish enough to bust down the door at close range. For their ability to completely wipe out parties and destroy hundreds of hours of work they have been given nicknames such as "Suicide Bombers" or "Terrorists".

Previous Versions

Originally when Diablo III was released it was possible for Elite versions to spawn in areas such as The Storm Halls when Fallen spawning behavior rolled. These Elites dropped no loot if they exploded and due to affixes such as Extra Health were often un-killable before they detonated. Eventually they were removed in a patch so now only normal versions spawn.


  • Fuse
    Upon being alerted to the party, a virtual fuse is lit. Fuse length is randomized around a few seconds. Once fuse expires the monster tries to use Kamikaze Attack as soon as possible.
  • Kamikaze Attack
  • When used, the monster is instantly killed dealing catastrophic damage to all nearby party members. No loot is dropped by monsters which die this way. Cannot be used when under some forms of Crowd Control.
  • Friendly AI
  • Tries to move as close to party members as possible.