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Everybody Loves Shen
Everybody Loves Shen
Listen to all of the Jeweler’s conversations.
TypeGeneral > Conversations
  • The Restless Dead
  • Tell Me About Yourself
  • Deckard Cain
  • Jewels
  • King Leoric
  • The Fallen Star
  • The World
  • Dark Visions
  • Grieving
  • The Stranger
  • The Journey Ahead
  • A Special Jewel
  • The Desert Heat
  • The Legend of Zei the Trickster
  • Caldeum
  • A Mysterious Rumor
  • Zoltun Kulle
  • Legends and Myth
  • The Jewel's Price
  • The Black Soulstone
  • The Frozen North
  • More Memories
  • The Nature of the Jewel
  • The Battlefields
  • The End
  • Hard Questions
  • A Dark Day
  • Hope
  • The Hunt Continues
  • Leah's Soul
  • God or Man
  • Ruin and Corruption
  • The Lord of Terror
  • Victory
Achievement Series

Everybody Loves Shen is an Achievement which requires listening to the conversations of Covetous Shen, the Jeweler.


  • Conversations are available at the beginning of the quest, unless otherwise stated.
  • Please take note that certain conversations will are only available during a brief window between the end of a quest and the start of the next quest. These will be marked with an asterisk (*).
  • Act I and earlier Act II conversations require replaying quests before Shen was unlocked in the quest Blood and Sand in Act II.
Conversation Act Quest
The Restless Dead Act I A Shattered Crown
Tell Me About Yourself
Deckard Cain* The Legacy of Cain
Jewels* A Shattered Crown (after going to the Northwest Gate)
King Leoric* Reign of the Black King
The Fallen Star* Sword of the Stranger
The World* The Broken Blade
Dark Visions* The Doom in Wortham
Grieving* Trailing the Coven
The Stranger* The Imprisoned Angel
The Journey Ahead Return to New Tristram
The Desert Heat Act II Shadows in the Desert (after completing Act I)
A Mysterious Rumor
A Special Jewel Shadows in the Desert (after accepting quest)
The Legend of Zei the Trickster Shadows in the Desert (after listening to "A Case of Mistaken Identity")
Caldeum Unexpected Allies
Zoltun Kulle* Betrayer of the Horadrim
Legends and Myth Blood and Sand
The Jewel's Price The Black Soulstone
The Black Soulstone The Scouring of Caldeum
The Frozen North* Act III The Siege of Bastion's Keep (Light the Beacons)
More Memories Turning the Tide (after listening to "Memories")
Hard Questions Tremors in the Stone
The Battlefields Machines of War
The Nature of the Jewel Siegebreaker
The End Heart of Sin
A Dark Day Act IV Fall of the High Heavens
The Hunt Continues*
Leah's Soul The Light of Hope
God or Man Beneath the Spire
Ruin and Corruption* Beneath the Spire
The Lord of Terror Prime Evil
Victory Prime Evil (after killing Diablo)