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Events or "event quests" are short quests that have a chance to spawn at specific locations in the game. It is only by chance that a player may encounter these, either by interacting with a special object or NPC. Event quests will not persist after logging out, so they must be started and completed in the same game.

Some events provide achievements upon completion, while others are required for unlocking journals, dungeons, and NPCs.

List of events

Act I

Event Location Trigger Journal Description XP Gold
Jar of Souls.png Jar of Souls Defiled Crypt (fake) Jar of Souls (item) Destroy the Jar of Souls. 975 200 Gold.png
The Matriarch's Bones.png The Matriarch's Bones Defiled Crypt (fake) Lady Dunhyld Help put the spirit of Lady Dunhyld to rest. 2,600 400 Gold.png
Event Quest.png Eternal War The Festering Woods Nephalem Monument Defeat the enemies of the nephalem spirits. 1,200 215 Gold.png
Event Quest.png Last Stand of the Ancients The Festering Woods Memorial Stone The Last Stand of the Ancients Defeat the invaders. 1,200 215 Gold.png
Adventurer B Portrait.png Carrion Farm Forsaken Grounds Beleaguered Farmer Help the beleaguered farmer clear his fields of the plague nests. 1,200 215 Gold.png
Ghostly Woman Portrait.png The Family of Rathe Decaying Crypt Level 2 Willa Rathe Help the ghost of Willa Rathe put her family to rest. 900
Miner Portrait.png The Precious Ores Lost Mine Level 2 Tashun the Miner Help Tashun the Miner find the riches in the mine. 1,200 215 Gold.png
Crazed Hermit Portrait.png The Sacrificial Hermit Wortham Bluffs Rodger the Alchemist Deliver the Alchemist's concoction to the hermit by the Caverns of Araneae. 1,200 215 Gold.png
Weaponsmith Portrait.png A Reputation Restored Highlands Passage Kyr the Weaponsmith Help Kyr the Weaponsmith kill Dargon and his master. 1,500 235 Gold.png
Adventurer C Portrait.png A Stranger In Need Halls of Agony Level 2 Merhan A Prisoner's Journal Rescue the man trapped in the iron maiden. 1,425 230 Gold.png
Event Quest.png The Revenge of Gharbad Ancient Pyre Ghost of Gharbad Destroy the Shamanic Wards around the Khazra Mummy. 3,400 440 Gold.png
The Lyceum.png The Crumbling Tower The Lyceum Upon entering Explore the Lyceum. 3,400 440 Gold.png
Armorsmith Portrait.png The Scavenged Scabbard Watch Tower Level 2 Vendel the Armorsmith Scabbard of Talic the Defender Help Vendel the Armorsmith find his lost scabbard. 1,425 230 Gold.png
Alchemist Portrait.png The Apothecary's Brother Highlands Cave Rike the Apothecary Help Rike the Apothecary find his brother. 4,000 470 Gold.png

Act II

Event Location Trigger Journal Description XP Gold
CaldeumPoor Male A Portrait.png A Miner's Gold Howling Plateau Crazed Miner Help the crazed miner raise the treasure on the lift. 1,575 240 Gold.png
Iron Wolf Captain Portrait.png Lair of the Lacuni Abandoned Mineworks Upon entering Rescue the stranded Iron Wolves. Gold.png
The Crumbling Vault.png The Crumbling Vault Stinging Winds Treasure Hunter Escape the Crumbling Vault before it collapses. 1,950 265 Gold.png
Jondar Portrait.png Guardian Spirits Stinging Winds Dying Necromancer Release the soul prisons and destroy Ghezrim. 1,575 240 Gold.png
Event Quest.png The Rygnar Idol Chamber of the Lost Idol Poltahr Poltahr's Notes Lead Poltahr through the Chamber of the Lost Idol to find the Rygnar Idol. 4,600 500 Gold.png
Event Quest.png Ancient Device Desolate Sands Ancient Device (item) Lyndo's Journal Experience all the possibilities of the Ancient Device in the Desolate Sands.


Act IV

There are no events in Act IV.

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