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Elemental Druid
Elemental Druid (Diablo II).gif
Game Diablo II
Class Druid
Primary Attack Twister/Tornado
Can Solo Hell? Yes
Creator ReBjorn (Forum Profile)

This build is designed for Hardcore mode, but should work in softcore as well.


Elemental Summoning
Arctic Blast 1 Oak Sage 20
Cyclone Armor 20
Twister 20
Tornado 20
Hurricane 20

No other prerequisites need points in them, which means that this build is finished at level 90. The full build can also be seen in the skill calculator here(link has been updated).

I recommend 7-10 points in Oak Sage, then max the elemental skills. When that's done, max Oak Sage last. Reason is that Oak Sage will be a little squishy up until level 25+ (with +skills) in hell difficulty and you'll need to recast it a lot.. too much. When it's maxed and you've got it at level 25-30, it works better. You'll still have to recast it sometimes though.


Assuming you're not so rich

Stat Points
Strength 70 or 100
Dexterity 125 or 150 Only put as much into dexterity as you need for max block.
Vitality 315 Minimum. Every spare point goes here.
Energy 0

If you're rich

Stat Points
Strength Base (don't touch!) Minimum strength to wear Mage Plate is 55, which you'll easily get from items.
Dexterity 100 About this much.
Vitality 415 Minimum. Every spare point goes here.
Energy 0

Max resists!

Breakpoints: 99 Faster Hit Recovery, 20% Faster Block Rate (next is 32%), 99 Faster Cast Rate (or 68, try 99)

When spending points in dex or strength, always think ahead. If you know that you'll probably get this or that item soon enough, calculate it in. If when you're level 90 you have 75% block but aren't geared properly/know that you will probably upgrade soon enough, then you've spent too many points in dex. Remember also that Enigma (Mage Plate!) has a huge strength bonus.

This character will be able to beat anything in the game once you've beefed it up some. The Hurricane is cold damage, the Tornado is physical damage. If you find that you have problems with phys/cold immune monsters then equip your merc with an Atma's Scarab.

Merc: Act II defensive merc (when hired in normal it'll have a higher skill cap).


Here's what a good one looks like (and you'll get your breakpoints).

Slot Item
Weapon Heart of the Oak (Flail)
Shield Spirit (Monarch) or
Body Armor Enigma (Mage Plate)
Head Jalal's Mane (Upgraded to a Dream Spirit) or
Gloves Magefist (Upgraded to Crusader Gauntlets) or
Trang-Oul's Claws
Belt Arachnid Mesh
Boots Waterwalk or
Sandstorm Trek
Amulet Mara's Kaleidoscope
Rings 2 Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band
Charms Annihilus
Hellfire Torch

This gear is of course great but you don't need all that for starters. Just remember max resists, good block, decent FHR, FBR, FCR and spend stat and skill points correctly. Don't forget that Act II defensive merc from normal!

You'll have very high life, very high defense, you'll absorb tons of dmg, you'll do decent to good dmg, you'll have lots of fun with it and you won't regret it. Don't get frustrated by low gear for starters, just be a little careful.