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The Elemental skill tree is basically a combination of several damage types into one skill tree designed for casting. This makes it much more diverse than those of the Sorceress, who must focus on one damage type in each skill tree. While the druid has Fire, Cold, and Physical damage at his disposal. Obviously making this one of the most dangerous of the caster trees.

The Skills

Required Level 1:

Required Level 6:

Required Level 12:

Required Level 18:

Required Level 24:

Required Level 30:

General Usage

These skills are your typical caster skills. One thing that all the builds share is an extreme effectiveness at taking down crowds, nearly every elemental skill has an AOE aspect to it. When using these skills, rounding up enemies makes for an easy way to get the most bang for your buck when you finally cast off your skills. Add in skills like Hurricane that constantly deal damage, and crowds don't stand a chance. That being said, you generally won't have as much single enemy killing power when compared to the caster skills of the Sorceress.

Common Builds

Builds for this skill tree fall into two categories, the Wind Druid, and the Fire Druid. The Wind druid is much more common, as it is much more diverse when it comes to dealing with immunes. It also has a very high damage output when it's two main skills are both being utilized, those skills being Hurricane and Tornado. The Fire Druid is much more suited towards play in Nightmare where immunes are less common. It can pump out insane amounts of damage to crowds in a short period of time, but generally you will only have the fire damage type at your fingertips, making it near impossible to deal with immunes in Hell.