Disarm Traps (Diablo I)

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Disarm Traps
Disarm Traps (Diablo I).png
Magic Requirements
Spell Level 1 {{{StartMagic}}}
Requires 255 at Level {{{EndMagic}}}
Mana Cost
Initial Mana Cost {{{StartMana}}}
Reduction per Spell Level {{{ReduceMana}}}
Lowest Mana Cost {{{EndMana}}}
Rogue skill

Disarm Traps allows the Rogue to disarm traps she finds in the labyrinth. Much like the other class skills, it is rather useless, especially since traps are rather rare and don't deal a whole lot of damage. The skill becomes more successful the higher the dexterity of the Rogue, and will always work once the Rogue gets at least 90 in dexterity.