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The Content Guide describes what content should be present in the wiki. This includes what subject matter is to be covered, how game spoilers are handled and to what extent story speculation is included.

For guidelines on how to format, structure and organize the content, please see the Style Guide.


This is a summary of the article points. For an explanation of each point, see the relevant section.

  • Anything related to Diablo should essentially be added to the wiki somewhere.
  • All spoilers from all sources are allowed throughout the wiki.
  • Speculation is allowed, but should be clearly marked as such.
  • Datamined information is allowed, but should be marked as such if the information is unclear or was acquired without context.

Diablo Content

DiabloWiki.com is a wiki dedicated to the Diablo Universe created by Blizzard Entertainment. This covers the games released and under development, but also tie-in novels, game conventions relatd to Diablo such as Blizzcon, fan activity such as Fan Art, developer profiles and anything else that is of relevance to the Diablo franchise.

Game Information

Most articles in the wiki deal with in-game information from one of the three games released or announced in the series: Diablo III, Diablo II and Diablo I. These pages should chronicle both basic and advanced information. Basic information can be simple things like monster names, skill lists, a brief overview of items and so on. Advanced information can be complete transcriptions of NPC dialog, monster loot tables, class build analysis, random map generation, damage calculations and anything else that might be of interest. These articles may thus take on a more data-like design than many other pages, such as those covering Lore or development history, which will be much more focused around text to convey information.


There is no policy that regulates what story content can be added to the wiki and what can't. The wiki is a database over all information related to Diablo, and any piece of story information should be chronicled wherever necessary. As such, there is no restriction on when and where crucial story details (such as book endings, final game bosses, plot twists etc.) can be described.


The wiki is a database of all information related to Diablo, and fan speculation and theorizing can be a part of that. But the wiki also strives to be as factually correct as possible, and speculation is by nature a very uncertain and non-verifiable activity. Speculation should thus always be separated from the rest of the text in an article, and be clearly marked as such. The speculation template can be used for this.

Datamined Informaton

When it comes to game information, new information is often acquired before it has been officially released by Blizzard in the form of datamining, whereby the game files are searched for new content before it's available within the game itself. This information is highly relevant and is wanted in the wiki, however due to the nature of datamined information it is sometimes hard to see the entire picture. While item stats may be easy to acquire and interpret, story elements may only be available in pieces. In such cases where it's not entirely clear what a datamined piece of data actually says, it should be pointed out as such within articles throughout the wiki.