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Diablo, named The Dark Lord ingame, is the final boss in Diablo I. Without a doubt the strongest monster in the game, and arguably the hardest, he can only be reached after activating a series of levers on the lowest dungeon underneath Tristram. Apart from his strong melee attacks, he can also cast Apocalypse, a physical damage spell that automatically hits the player from any distance and which cannot be resisted or blocked.

Although he is a demon-type monster, he is harmed by Holy Bolt in vanilla Diablo I. In Hellfire however, this vulnerability no longer exists.

The Dark Lord
Difficulty Level Health (Diablo/Hellfire) Damage AC To Hit Exp Resistances Location
Single Multi F L M

Diablo (Diablo I).gif

Normal 45 1666 3333 30-60 90 220 31666 75 75 100 Hell 16
Nightmare 60 5048 10000/10099 64-124 140 44 65332
Hell 75 6764 13335/13532 126-246 170 84 130664 75 75 100