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Game Diablo III
Class Necromancer
Type Active - Corpses
Damage type Physical
Unlock level 16
Consume corpses within 60 yards to restore 10 Essence per corpse.

Devour is a Necromancer active skill in Diablo III.


Level Skill rune
23 Satiated
Satiated (Physical)
Increases maximum life by 2% for 2 seconds for each corpse devoured.
29 Ruthless
Ruthless (Physical)
Additionally consumes your minions for 10 Essence per minion killed.
38 Devouring Aura
Devouring Aura (Physical)
Becomes an aura that consumes all corpses within 15 yards to restore 11 Essence per corpse.
The range of this effect is increased by 50% of your gold pickup radius.
57 Voracious
Voracious (Physical)
Reduces all Essence costs by 2% for each corpse consumed for 5 seconds.
53 Cannibalize
Cannibalize (Physical)
Each corpse consumed also restores 3% health.


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