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Den of Evil
Den of Evil icon.png
Quest Giver Akara
Quest Area Den of Evil
Goal Clear Den of Evil
Reward Skill Point Skill/Stat Reset
Quest Items None
Optional? Yes

Were you looking for the dungeon, the Den of Evil?

This is the first quest that the player is offered upon starting the Diablo II, and can be activated by talking to Akara in the Rogue Encampment. Akara will tell you of a cave filled with demons that may possibly attack the camp, and requests that you destroy them.

The Den of Evil is located in the Blood Moor, just outside of the Rogue Encampment. The cave is noticeably dark and is home to Fallen, Fallen Shaman, Zombies, and Gargantuan Beasts. A Super Unique Zombie named Corpsefire is also located in the cave, usually at the end opposite of the entrance.

This early in the game when your defenses are still low and life is still also low, it is better to be prepared. Remember to attack Shamans first before attacking their minions - Shamans do not appear outside in the first area, but can resurrect their minions.

Nearing the end of the quest, the quest will update itself with how many monsters are left within the Den. Once all monsters have been cleared, the Den will be flooded with light, and you will be able to claim your reward from Akara. Along with earning her trust, Akara will grant you one free Skill Point plus one free Character Skill/Stat Reset.

Quest Activation Dialog


"There is a place of great evil in the wilderness. Kashya's Rogue scouts have informed me that a cave nearby is filled with shadowy creatures and horrors from beyond the grave. I fear that these creatures are massing for an attack against our encampment. If you are sincere about helping us, find the dark labyrinth and destroy the foul beasts. May the Great Eye watch over you."

NPC Quest Dialog

After Initiating

Akara: "I should add that many Rogue scouts have died in that horrible place. We cannot afford to lose any more. If you choose to enter that Den of Evil, you must do so alone."

Charsi: "The beasts from the cave have begun to roam throughout the countryside. You'd better be careful out there."

Gheed: "You're a brave soul! I'd sooner thrust my sacred scepter into the foulest, carbuncular trull than set one boot into that cave."

Kashya: "The demons in that cave have claimed many of my finest archers. I wonder how you will fare!"

Warriv: "One who seeks that cave, seeks death."

Early Return

Akara: "Your task is not complete until you have killed all the demons in that cave."

Charsi: "You haven't cleared the cave, yet? Do you need anything?"

Gheed: "Demons still befouling that cave, huh? I think you might need a new weapon."

Kashya: "You'd better come through on this. Your reputation depends on it."

Warriv: "One who hesitates ... does so with good reason."

Upon Completion

Akara: "You have cleansed the Den of Evil. You've earned my trust and may yet restore my faith in humanity. Your reward is training in the skill of your choice."

Charsi: "You are truly brave and skillful ... Akara was worried about you."

Gheed: "The only good demon is a dead one, I say. By the way, did you happen to find anything in that cave you'd like to sell?"

Kashya: "Hmm. I'm surprised you survived that test, outlander. Go see Akara. She may reward you."

Warriv: "...That which does not kill you makes you stronger."

Character Quest Dialog

Den Entry

Amazon: "I hear foul creatures about."

Assassin: "So dark. Perfect."

Barbarian: "There are many foes here."

Druid: "So this is where Evil hides."

Necromancer: "I sense death within this place."

Paladin: "Evil dwells within this cave."

Sorceress: "This place is trouble."

Quest Completion

Amazon: "Perhaps now the Sisters will trust me."

Assassin: "The Rogues' test is done."

Barbarian: "The Rogues are safe, for the moment."

Druid: "Heh. Is that all of them?"

Necromancer: "Is that enough to earn the Rogues' trust?"

Paladin: "My duty here is done."

Sorceress: "This cave has been purged of evil."