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The Demonicus de Zoltun Kulle is a Horadric tome of demonic knowledge, primarily listing information about different demons. It was written by one of the founding members of the Horadrim, Zoltun Kulle, who later ventured down the path of evil. It's unknown how many copies exist of this book, but Abd al-Hazir is in possession of one these texts.

This book is used by Abd al-Hazir as a corroborating cross reference, as the Vizjerei tomes which cover similar topics are likely full of misleading information or blatant lies. The texts written by the Vizjerei were often used as self-serving propaganda aimed at whitewashing heinous deeds committed by the mage clan during the Mage Clan Wars. Abd al-Hazir mentions the Khazra as an example and how their true history was covered up to portray them as lieutenants of Baal.

"For instance, we now know that the goatmen were unwitting human victims of an ancient Vizjerei power struggle (see entry 009 for more detailed information on the khazra's tragic history), whereas the ancient Vizjerei texts would have us believe that they were actually demons - lieutenants of Baal, no less!"

Thus, the Demonicus de Zoltun Kulle can be viewed as a definitive/reliable source for information on the Burning Hells and demonic horde.

Volume 5[]

Only one section of Volume 5 has been seen so far:

Fallen Ones (Nanus Improbus)
As hard as it is to believe, the fallen ones were once exalted demons of the Burning Hells. They served as Azmodan's hands, performing acts that he would not, could not involve himself in. They were the instrument of Azmodan's first failed attempt to usurp power from Diablo and his brothers, and after that failure, the fallen were subjected to the full wrath of Diablo. They were twisted into small, ridiculous imps, in contrast to their previously powerful forms. Moreover, if they expected Azmodan to reverse their condition, they were sadly mistaken. The infuriated Azmodan held them responsible for the Prime Evils' continued reign, and so he left the fallen in their new bodies, where their degradation would serve to amuse him for all eternity. Their failure provided him with the information he required to succeed in dethroning Diablo and his brothers - the event now known as the "Dark Exile" - but that fact did nothing to soften his heart toward the fallen.
When unleashed upon our realm by their master, Azmodan, these impish terrors display a tendency to swarm like flesh-hungry locusts, and they have been known to tear apart a sleeping village in minutes. Small of stature and simian in appearance, these creatures possess surprising strength and unnatural agility. Other than feasting on human flesh, the only act that gives these unspeakable horrors pleasure is breeding; hence the tendency to encounter them in large packs.
However, due to their small size, cowardice appears to be one of the chief features of this species. They quickly retreat when one of their brethren falls in battle.
Fallen ones display no obvious tendency towards greater organization beyond their predisposition to swarm. This is fortunate for humanity, for they are so numerous that if they were to band together in large numbers, they might easily overwhelm a small city.

Related Information[]

Check out the Diablo I Manual for other similar in-world writings. There you can also read the "cover-up" about the Khazra (Goatmen). The entry in the Diablo I manual was written by Vischar Orous, Chief Librarian of the Brotherhood of the Vizjerei.