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The Demonic Hellflyer is the main air support of the armies of Hell. Like a Wyveren, they are capable of flight and can shoot fireballs. As the Humans of Sanctuary cannot build planes, this makes the Demonic Hellflyer extremely deadly as they have free run of the skies. They use this to their advantage to pluck off ranged soldiers and drop fireballs down as bombs. To the Nephalem these are of only minor threat as they are too powerful to be picked up and their bombing runs deal little damage.

However they are even more deadly on the ground than in the skies. Their Fireball attack does very high damage, one of the highest for a range attack in Diablo III. They also spawn in reasonable numbers allowing players to easily be surrounded. Add monsters from melee families into the fray and you have a highly dangerous support monster that can easily whittle down the parties health. They also are Evasive so melee players will have considerable difficulty hitting them effectively without taking excessive damage. Despite their immense power, they possess little life and are very vulnerable when landing. This makes ranged or splash damage most effective against them and these monsters can often be killed before they finish landing.


  • Areal Ambush
    Is created in a flying state immune to all damage and status effects and out of sight from players. When approached landing is initiated that takes only a second or two. During landing procedure full damage is taken and no actions can be made.
  • Evasive
    Will try and keep distance from the party to avoid taking melee damage. Will also move erratically to try and evade ranged attacks.
  • Fireball
    Launches a devastating Fireball projectile that does high damage to anything it impacts. Used as a ranged attack when not in melee combat.