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Conversation ID Conversation
Conv_A1C1CainIntro_Line25DHunter Leah asked for my aid. She will be relieved to see you again.
Conv_A1C5RFarmerScavengerEpilogue2_Line1DHunter This is no longer your wife.
Conv_A1C5RFarmerScavengerEpilogue2_Line3DHunter Sometimes love means you have to let go.
Conv_BatesFarmEpilogue5_Line1Dhunter Hmm... really?
Conv_BatesFarmEpilogue6_Line1Dhunter You must stop this now.
Conv_Blacksmith_ApprenticeFound_Line0DHunter It grieves me to tell you this, but your apprentice has died.
Conv_Blacksmith_CellarCallout_Line1DHunter Sorrow won\'t save your town, blacksmith.
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_2_Line12DHunter Then we are allies. Each weapon you forge for me shall serve to purify these lands.
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_2_Line7DHunter One more thing... your apprentice is dead.
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_Line10DHunter This is fine craftsmanship.
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_Line12DHunter Then we are allies. Each weapon you forge for me shall serve to purify these lands.
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_Line1DHunter The crown has been broken. Can you repair it?
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_Line7DHunter One more thing... Your apprentice is dead.
Conv_Blacksmith_DeadWife_Line0DHunter It is good to see you back at the forge, blacksmith.
Conv_Blacksmith_DeadWife_Line2DHunter That is very true. But we also need people to fight.
Conv_Blacksmith_Family_Line0DHunter Tell me about your grandfather--the chancellor.
Conv_Blacksmith_Family_Line4DHunter A brave deed. It is good to know that there was one sane man among the mad.
Conv_Blacksmith_Father_Line0DHunter So you lived with your father during the fall of Old Tristram?
Conv_Blacksmith_Father_Line5DHunter But it was not to be.
Conv_Blacksmith_Father2_Line1DHunter You don\'t become a hunter unless you\'ve lost someone. You can talk to me.
Conv_Blacksmith_Father2_Line6DHunter And the memory of it haunts your dreams even now.
Conv_Blacksmith_Father2_Line8DHunter I told you, blacksmith. We\'ve all lost someone.
Conv_Blacksmith_Protector_Line11Dhunter What do you mean?
Conv_Blacksmith_RescueCain_Line11Dhunter He is alive--and I will rescue him.
Conv_Blacksmith_ThankYou_New_Line0DHunter There is one favor I must ask of you. Do you know where Leoric\'s crown is?
Conv_Blacksmith_TristramBeforeQuest_Line1DHunter What\'s the matter?
Conv_Blacksmith_TristramBeforeQuest_Line3DHunter Then she will need you to be strong.
Conv_BlacksmithIntro_New_Line14Dhunter Blacksmith, Deckard Cain said you could help me find the crown of Leoric.
Conv_BlacksmithIntro_New_Line19DHunter Sometimes death is the only mercy we have left. I will help you.
Conv_Cain_AboutSkeletonKing_Line3DHunter Leoric was driven mad by Diablo?
Conv_Cain_AboutSkeletonKing_Line4DHunter What did Leoric do as the Skeleton King?
Conv_Cain_AboutWorldstoneDestruction_Line5Dhunter The Worldstone\'s destruction must have unleashed incredible energies.
Conv_Cain_CrownIntro_Line3DHunter A tragic story, but I cannot reach the fallen star until I face him.
Conv_Cain_CrownIntro_New_Line3DHunter A tragic story, but I cannot reach the fallen star until I face him.
Conv_Cain_IdentifyItem_Line6Dhunter How did you learn to identify items?
Conv_Cain_SkeletonKingQuest_Intro_Line0DHunter How might I use the crown to reach the Skeleton King?
Conv_Cain_SkeletonKingQuest_Intro_Line5DHunter When he is destroyed, I shall finally reach the star.
Conv_Cain_TellMeAboutYourself_Line1DHunter You can\'t blame yourself.
Conv_Cain_UndeadBashing_Line4DHunter Cain! I\'m here to rescue you!
Conv_CainAboutLeah_1_Line1DHunter You and Leah seem very close.
Conv_CainAboutLeah_2_Line4Dhunter I heard that you took Leah on your searches for ancient artifacts and tomes. Wasn\'t that dangerous?
Conv_Crown_Lore_Line0Dhunter Now that the Skeleton King has been vanquished, his crown must not be found by those who would use it for their unholy, sorcerous ends.
Conv_DefiledCrypts_False1_Line0DHunter Just my luck. The crown isn\'t even in this crypt.
Conv_DefiledCrypts_False1_Line2DHunter Hardly.
Conv_DefiledCrypts_False2_Line0DHunter Well, there isn\'t a crown here. I\'d best try another crypt.
Conv_DefiledCrypts_TheRightOne_Line0DHunter I have a feeling that the crown is nearby...
Conv_DyingGuy_GameIntro_Line1Dhunter Rest easy, friend.
Conv_Event_A1_Wilderness_MultiCoffin_PlayerCallout_Line0DHunter Who disturbed this grave?
Conv_Event_A1_Wilderness_MultiCoffin_PlayerCallout_Mid_Line0DHunter I should have known...
Conv_Event_A1_Wilderness_MultiCoffin_PlayerCallout_Outro_Line0DHunter That will keep you in the ground.
Conv_Event_A1OldTristram_ZombieTree_PlayerCallout_Line0DHunter So many dead...
Conv_Event_FamilyThatBurrows_Line0DHunter The creatures that killed him can\'t be far. Their tracks are fresh.
Conv_Event_FoundApprentice_Line0DHunter I am too late. The blacksmith\'s apprentice is dead. I must let Haedrig know when I can.
Conv_Event_GameHunters_PlayerCalloutOutro_Line0DHunter Try and trap a hunter... that\'s what you get.
Conv_Event_House1000Undead_End_Line0Dhunter The dead are at peace now.
Conv_Event_OldTristCellar_QuillDemonChase_PlayerCallout1_Line0DHunter All of these chests are empty. Something isn\'t right here.
Conv_Event_OldTristram_BlackMushroom_Line0DHunter These mushrooms are quite enormous.
Conv_Event_SpiritJourney_PlayerCalloutOutro_Line0DHunter Sometimes they get what\'s coming to them.
Conv_Event_SpiritJourney_ShamanChant_Line1DHunter What foul necromancy is this?
Conv_Event_Tower_Of_Power_InsideSkellieGreet_Line2DHunter I have faced greater dangers.
Conv_Event_Tower_Of_Power_SkellieIntro2_Line1DHunter I\'m afraid I have other plans.
Conv_Event_VendorRescue_Vendor_FailQuest_Line6DHunter You have my apologies.
Conv_Event_VendorRescue_Vendor_FailQuest_Line8DHunter I am sorry to tell you that your brother died in the caves below before I could save him. The cultists have paid for what they have done.
Conv_Event_VendorRescue_Vendor_QuestInfo_Line8DHunter We will show them the price of such reckless greed.
Conv_Event_VendorRescue_Vendor_StartQuest_Line10DHunter We should start searching then. Quickly!
Conv_FarmAmbushFlyerFarmer_Greet_Line1DHunter If you cannot fight, then you should flee.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_01_Line67DHunter So long as you don\'t get in my way.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_02_Line69DHunter Probably because there isn\'t one. Let\'s go.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_03_Line67DHunter If I ever felt fear, it has been consumed by my hatred.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_04_Line61DHunter If it is truly evil, it does not care.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_05_Line0DHunter You wield a fine spear.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_06_Line0DHunter Were you always man of faith?
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_07_Line1Dhunter Why is that?
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_08_Line1DHunter They are given three days food and water, then banished.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_09_Line1DHunter Oh, he\'s harmless. Mostly.
Conv_Fol_SC_VendorBrotherWon_Line1Dhunter What makes you say that?
Conv_Fol_TP_Cathedral1_Line1DHunter But it wasn\'t enough to contain the evil that haunts this place.
Conv_Fol_TP_Cathedral2_Line0DHunter What ails you, templar?
Conv_Fol_TP_Cathedral2_Line2DHunter That is the nature of the world. But we will fight it.
Conv_Fol_TP_CathedralRoad_Line1DHunter They are lost to darkness.
Conv_Fol_TP_Cemetery_Line3DHunter Thank you. But I am more proud to call you my friend.
Conv_Fol_TP_Crypts1_Line1DHunter No. Isn\'t this life bad enough?
Conv_Fol_TP_FesteringWoods_Line0DHunter The dead do not rest here--and neither should we.
Conv_Fol_TP_FesteringWoods2_Line1DHunter Even death holds no rest for them.
Conv_Fol_TP_HallsofAgony4_Line1DHunter This is my duty. I must not hesitate.
Conv_Fol_TP_WeepingHollow1_Line0Dhunter Did you have many friends at the order?
Conv_Fol_TP_WeepingHollow1_Line2DHunter Ah, so you didn\'t have any friends then.
Conv_Guard_About_LeahAndCain_Line1DHunter Do you know anything about Leah and Deckard Cain?
Conv_Hero_Apologize_Line0Dhunter I\'m sorry, I chose poorly.
Conv_Hero_Apologize_Line0Dhunter I chose poorly.
Conv_Hero_Apologize_Line1Dhunter I was mistaken.
Conv_Hero_Apologize_Line2DHunter I am sorry.
Conv_Hero_Apologize_Line4DHunter My apologies.
Conv_Hero_Beseech_Line0Dhunter Help me!
Conv_Hero_Beseech_Line1DHunter Stand with me!
Conv_Hero_Beseech_Line2Dhunter Please, lend me your aid!
Conv_Hero_Beseech_Line2Dhunter Lend me your aid!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line0DHunter Sweet revenge!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line1DHunter Feel my wrath!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line2DHunter That was just a taste!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line3DHunter Bleed, you filth!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line4DHunter Your fear betrays you.
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line5DHunter Darkness awaits you.
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line6DHunter Vengeance!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line7DHunter Do you want more?
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line8DHunter You won\'t survive that.
Conv_Hero_Depart_Line0Dhunter Farewell.
Conv_Hero_Depart_Line1DHunter Stay vigilant.
Conv_Hero_Depart_Line2DHunter Be swift and silent.
Conv_Hero_Depart_Line4DHunter Enjoy the hunt.
Conv_Hero_Go_Line0Dhunter We must go!
Conv_Hero_Go_Line2DHunter Let us depart.
Conv_Hero_Healed_Line0DHunter I am renewed.
Conv_Hero_Healed_Line1DHunter I am well again.
Conv_Hero_Healed_Line2DHunter My strength is back.
Conv_Hero_Healed_Line4DHunter I feel better now.
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line0DHunter Patience was never my virtue.
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line1DHunter Somewhere out there, someone is dying.
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line2DHunter My foes gain strength while I tarry here.
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line3DHunter I did not devote my life to standing around.
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line4DHunter I mustn\'t waste more time.
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line5DHunter I am growing restless!
Conv_Hero_Lead_Line0Dhunter Follow!
Conv_Hero_Lead_Line1DHunter Keep up.
Conv_Hero_Lead_Line2DHunter Accompany me.
Conv_Hero_Lead_Line4DHunter Stay close.
Conv_Hero_Leah_01_Line161DHunter But now it has fallen into shadow.
Conv_Hero_Leah_02_Line161Dhunter What do you miss?
Conv_Hero_Leah_03_Line161DHunter I couldn\'t go back to that kind of life.
Conv_Hero_Leah_03_Line200DHunter Perhaps I should just visit.
Conv_Hero_Leah_04_Line161Dhunter Tell me about this inn you want to open.
Conv_Hero_Leah_04_Line200DHunter A perfect place to be ambushed. I\'d sleep in a field.
Conv_Hero_Leah_05_Line1Dhunter People will do anything for power.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line0DHunter I\'ve become stronger.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line1DHunter My training has paid off.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line2DHunter I feel more powerful.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line3DHunter How satisfying.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line4DHunter I have more control now.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line5DHunter I\'ve become more formidable.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line6DHunter I could get accustomed to that.
Conv_Hero_No_Line0Dhunter No.
Conv_Hero_Offer_Line0Dhunter Take this.
Conv_Hero_Offer_Line1Dhunter Here you are.
Conv_Hero_Offer_Line2Dhunter You\'ll need this.
Conv_Hero_PvP_Attack_Line0Dhunter Attack!
Conv_Hero_PvP_Hold_Line0DHunter Stand your ground here!
Conv_Hero_PvP_Objective_Line0DHunter Seize the objective!
Conv_Hero_PvP_Retreat_Line0Dhunter Retreat!
Conv_Hero_PvP_Stay_Line0Dhunter Stay here.
Conv_Hero_Run_Line0Dhunter Run!
Conv_Hero_Run_Line1DHunter Go!
Conv_Hero_Run_Line2DHunter Make your escape!
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line0DHunter I think I\'ve found my prey...
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line10DHunter Just close your eyes. It will all be over soon.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line1DHunter No mercy for the wicked.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line2DHunter Just try and strike... I\'m waiting.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line3DHunter I\'ve vanquished lesser foes.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line4DHunter A beast for the slaughter.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line5DHunter Don\'t make me laugh.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line6Dhunter This is pathetic.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line7DHunter Your blood will fall like rain.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line8DHunter That\'s it?
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line9DHunter Any last words?
Conv_Hero_Thanks_Line0DHunter You have my thanks.
Conv_Hero_Thanks_Line1DHunter Why, thank you.
Conv_Hero_Wait_Line0Dhunter Wait for me.
Conv_Hero_Wait_Line2DHunter Just a moment.
Conv_Jeweler_TellMeAboutYourself_Line1DHunter That sounds like a peaceful life.
Conv_Jeweler_TellMeAboutYourself_Line3DHunter Have you ever considered traveling with guards?
Conv_Jeweler_ThatJewel_Line1DHunter You do realize that the gem could have bought the merchant and all of his wares, right?
Conv_Jeweler_ThatJewel_Line3DHunter You look even happier than usual.
Conv_Karyna_AboutMystic_Line1Dhunter Myriam?
Conv_Leah_AboutAdria_Line5Dhunter What did you learn of your mother?
Conv_Leah_AdriasCellar_New_Line1Dhunter I will go. Stay here and learn what you can.
Conv_Leah_AdriasDeath_Line1Dhunter How did your mother die?
Conv_Leah_AfterKilling_Line1DHunter Then I shall put an end to them and secure your town.
Conv_Leah_BarIntro_Line0DHunter Leah, is it? Rumford said that you survived the fallen star\'s impact.
Conv_Leah_CainRescueIntro_New_Line1Dhunter Come, let us search for your uncle.
Conv_Leah_OnWayToAdrias_Line1Dhunter What of your father?
Conv_Leah_TellMeAboutYourself_Line4Dhunter What does your uncle seek?
Conv_LeahCainReturns_New_Line21DHunter I have but one request of you. What do you know of the fallen star?
Conv_Mystic_BlacksmithQuest_Line1Dhunter Must you always speak in riddles?
Conv_Mystic_InTristram02_Line3DHunter Why? Is it after something?
Conv_Mystic_Protector_Line1DHunter Well, that\'s reassuring.
Conv_Mystic_RescueCain_Line1Dhunter Cain does not ask for gold to identify items.