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Skill progression is simply unlocking greater active and passive skills as a character levels. All characters receive at least one skill unlock per level with the first rune skill at level 9. Passive skills (italicized in the table) are first unlocked at level 10. The final active skill is unlocked at level 30 and the final passive skill at level 55 for Demon Hunters.

1Hungering Arrow Hungering ArrowFire a magically imbued arrow that seeks out targets for 115% weapon damage and has a 35% chance to pierce through targets.
2Impale ImpaleImpale a target for 250% weapon damage.
3Entangling Shot Entangling ShotImbue an arrow with shadow energy that deals 75% weapon damage and entangles up to 2 enemies, slowing their movement by 60% for 2 seconds.
4Caltrops CaltropsLay a trap of caltrops on the ground that activates when an enemy approaches. Once sprung, the caltrops Slow the movement of enemies within 12 yards by 60%. This trap lasts 6 seconds.
5Rapid Fire Rapid FireRapidly fire for 228% weapon damage as Physical.
6Hungering Arrow Hungering Arrow: Puncturing ArrowIncrease the chance for the arrow to pierce to 50%.
7Impale Impale: ImpactImpale has a 65% chance to knock the target back and Stun it for 1.5 seconds.
8Smoke Screen Smoke ScreenVanish behind a wall of smoke, becoming momentarily invisible for 1 second.
9Entangling Shot Entangling Shot: Chain GangHit up to 4 targets.
Vault VaultTumble acrobatically 35 yards.
10Tactical Advantage Tactical AdvantageWhenever you use Vault, Smoke Screen, or backflip with Evasive Fire you gain 60% movement speed for 2 seconds.
Thrill of the Hunt Thrill of the HuntEvery 10 seconds, your next bow attack will immobilize your target for 3 seconds.
11Rapid Fire Rapid Fire: Withering FireReduces the initial Hatred cost to 5, and ignites your arrows, causing them to deal Fire damage.
Bola Shot Bola ShotShoot out an explosive bola that wraps itself around its target. After 1 second, the bola explodes dealing 130% weapon damage as Fire to the target and an additional 110% weapon damage as Fire to all other targets within 7 yards.
12Caltrops Caltrops: Hooked SpinesIncrease the slowing amount to 80%.
Chakram ChakramFire a swirling Chakram that does 150% weapon damage as Physical to enemies along its path.
13Preparation PreparationInstantly restore all Discipline.
Vengeance VengeanceYour maximum Hatred is increased by 25. In addition, gain 20 Hatred and 2 Discipline whenever you are healed by a health globe.
14Smoke Screen Smoke Screen: DisplacementGain 35% movement speed when activated.
Bola Shot Bola Shot: Volatile ExplosivesIncrease the explosion radius to 14 yards.
Evasive Fire Evasive FireShoot for 125% weapon damage. If an enemy is in front of you at close range, you will also backflip away 15 yards.
15Impale Impale: Chemical BurnYour target will also Bleed for 125% weapon damage as Physical over 2 seconds.
Grenades GrenadesThrow out three grenades that explode for 95% weapon damage as Fire each.
16Vault Vault: Action ShotAs you travel, shoot arrows for 75% weapon damage at nearby targets.
Shadow Power Shadow PowerDraw in the power of the shadows, gaining 20% of all damage done as Life for 3 seconds.
Steady Aim Steady AimAs long as there are no enemies within 10 yards, all damage is increased by 20%.
17Hungering Arrow Hungering Arrow: Cinder ArrowLight the arrow on fire, dealing 35% additional weapon damage as Fire over 3 seconds.
Companion CompanionSummon a raven companion. Your raven companion will periodically peck at enemies for 30% of your weapon damage as Physical.
Fan of Knives Fan of KnivesThrow knives out in a spiral around you, doing 320% weapon damage to all enemies within 10 yards of you. Your knives will also Slow the movement of enemies by 60% for 2 seconds.
Spike Trap Spike TrapYou can have a maximum of 3 Spike Traps active at one time.
18Entangling Shot Entangling Shot: Shock CollarStrike targets with electrified chains that do an additional 18% weapon damage per second as Lightning for 2 seconds.
Caltrops Caltrops: Torturous GroundWhen the trap is sprung, all enemies in the area are immobilized for 2 seconds.
Chakram Chakram: Twin ChakramsA second Chakram mirrors the first. Each Chakram deals 101% weapon damage as Physical.
19Rapid Fire Rapid Fire: Web ShotSlows the movement of affected targets by 80% for 1 second.
Preparation Preparation: InvigorationIncrease maximum Discipline by 10 for 5 seconds when using Preparation.
Strafe StrafeShoot at random nearby enemies for 120% weapon damage while moving at 65% of normal movement speed.
20Elemental Arrow Elemental ArrowShoot a fire arrow that deals 155% weapon damage as Fire to all targets it passes through.
Cull the Weak Cull the WeakDamage against slowed enemies increased by 15%.
Night Stalker Night StalkerDiscipline is used to fuel many of your tactical and defensive skills.
21Evasive Fire Evasive Fire: ShrapnelShoot exploding bolts that also deal 30% weapon damage as Fire to all enemies within 6 yards of the primary target.
Shadow Power Shadow Power: Night BaneGain an additional 4 Hatred per second while Shadow Power is active.
Marked for Death Marked for DeathMarks an enemy. The marked enemy will take 12% additional damage for the next 30 seconds.
22Grenades Grenades: TinkererIncreases Hatred generation to 6 Hatred.
Companion Companion: Spider CompanionSummon a spider instead of a raven. The spider's attacks also Slow the movement of enemies by 60% for 2 seconds.
Multishot MultishotFire a massive volley of arrows dealing 165% weapon damage to all enemies in the area.
23Smoke Screen Smoke Screen: Lingering FogIncrease the duration of the effect to 1.5 seconds.
Vault Vault: Rattling RollAll enemies within 8 yards of your destination are knocked back and stunned for 1.5 seconds.
Fan of Knives Fan of Knives: Crippling RazorsIncrease the amount enemies are slowed to 80% for 2 seconds.
24Bola Shot Bola Shot: Thunder BallWhen the bola explodes, it deals 130% weapon damage as Lightning and has a 35% chance to Stun the primary target for 1.5 seconds.
Strafe Strafe: EquilibriumIncreases your attack speed by 20% when using Strafe.
Elemental Arrow Elemental Arrow: Ball LightningFire a slow-moving arrow that electrocutes enemies along its path for 155% weapon damage as Lightning.
25Preparation Preparation: PunishmentRestore all Hatred for 25 Discipline. Preparation has no cooldown.
Sentry SentryDrop a turret on the ground. The turret begins firing at nearby enemies for 20% weapon damage. Lasts 30 seconds.
Brooding BroodingAs long as you have not taken damage in the last 3 seconds you gain 1% of your maximum Life per second.
26Hungering Arrow Hungering Arrow: Shatter ShotIf the arrow successfully pierces the first target, the arrow splits into 3 arrows.
Chakram Chakram: SerpentineThe Chakram follows a slow curve, dealing 203% weapon damage as Poison to enemies along the path.
Evasive Fire Evasive Fire: Parting GiftWhenever a backflip is triggered, leave a poison bomb behind that explodes for 45% weapon damage as Poison in a 12 yard radius after 1.2 seconds. Turns Evasive Fire into Poison damage.
Multishot Multishot: Fire at WillCost reduced to 20 Hatred. Deals 165% weapon damage as Lightning.
27Spike Trap Spike Trap: BandolierIncrease the maximum number of traps that can be out simultaneously to 6.
Marked for Death Marked for Death: ContagionWhen the target is killed, the ability spreads to 2 other nearby targets. This effect can chain repeatedly.
Cluster Arrow Cluster ArrowFire a cluster arrow that explodes for 200% weapon damage as Fire into a series of additional miniature bombs that explode for 100% weapon damage as Fire each.
Hot Pursuit Hot PursuitWhenever you are at full Hatred, movement speed is increased by 15%.
28Impale Impale: OverpenetrationThe knife will pierce through all enemies in a straight line.
Caltrops Caltrops: Jagged SpikesEnemies in the area also take 45% weapon damage.
Sentry Sentry: Spitfire TurretThe turret will also fire homing rockets aimed at random nearby targets for 8% weapon damage as Fire.
29Shadow Power Shadow Power: Blood MoonIncreases damage done as Life to 30%.
Companion Companion: Bat CompanionSummon a bat instead of a raven. The bat grants you 3 Hatred per second.
Strafe Strafe: Drifting ShadowMovement speed increased to 100% of normal running speed while strafing.
Elemental Arrow Elemental Arrow: Frost ArrowFire a frost arrow that splits into multiple arrows after hitting its target, dealing 170% weapon damage as Cold. Affected enemies have their movement speed slowed by 60% for 1 second.
30Spike Trap Spike Trap: Sticky TrapPlant a bomb on an enemy rather than on the ground. If the target dies within 30 seconds, the bomb explodes dealing 404% weapon damage to all enemies within 8 yards.
Rain of Vengeance Rain of VengeanceFire a massive volley of arrows around you. Arrows fall from the sky dealing 75% weapon damage for 5 seconds to all enemies in the area.
Archery ArcheryGain a bonus based on the weapon type of your main hand weapon:Bow: 15% increased damageCrossbows: 50% Critical Hit DamageHand Crossbows: 10% Critical Hit Chance
Numbing Traps Numbing TrapsEnemies hit by Fan of Knives, Spike Trap, and Caltrops have their damage reduced by 25% for 3 seconds.
31Marked for Death Marked for Death: Valley of DeathMark an area on the ground 12 yards wide for 15 seconds. Enemies in the area take 12% additional damage.
Multishot Multishot: Burst FireEvery time you fire, generate a shock pulse that damages nearby enemies for 65% weapon damage as Arcane.
32Rapid Fire Rapid Fire: Fire SupportWhile channeling Rapid Fire, launch 3 homing rockets every second. Each rocket deals 35% weapon damage as Physical to nearby targets.
Grenades Grenades: Cluster GrenadesThrow cluster grenades that deal 112% weapon damage as Fire over an 8 yard radius.
Fan of Knives Fan of Knives: RetaliateSurround yourself with whirling blades that deal 464% weapon damage to all enemies if you are struck in the next 10 seconds.
33Smoke Screen Smoke Screen: Breathe DeepWhile invisible you gain 12 Hatred per second.
Vault Vault: TumbleAfter using Vault, your next Vault within 6 seconds has its Discipline cost reduced by 50%.
Cluster Arrow Cluster Arrow: Dazzling ArrowEnemies hit by grenades have a 55% chance to be stunned for 2 seconds.
34Entangling Shot Entangling Shot: Heavy BurdenIncrease the movement slow duration to 4 seconds.
Chakram Chakram: Razor DiskThe Chakram spirals out from the targeted location dealing 165% weapon damage as Arcane to enemies along the path.
Evasive Fire Evasive Fire: Covering FireShoot a spread of bolts that hit up to 3 targets for 125% weapon damage each.
35Preparation Preparation: Battle ScarsGain 60% Life after using Preparation.
Rain of Vengeance Rain of Vengeance: Dark CloudLaunch a massive volley of guided arrows that rain down on enemies for 34% weapon damage for 12 seconds.
Perfectionist PerfectionistDiscipline is used to fuel many of your tactical and defensive skills.
36Elemental Arrow Elemental Arrow: Screaming SkullGrants a 40% chance to shoot a skull that will Fear affected enemies for 1.5 seconds.
Sentry Sentry: Vigilant WatcherIncreases duration of the turret to 40 seconds.
Cluster Arrow Cluster Arrow: Shooting StarsInstead of releasing grenades, shoots up to 3 rockets at nearby enemies dealing 175% weapon damage as Physical each.
37Bola Shot Bola Shot: Acid StrikeShoot 3 bolas that each deal 130% weapon damage as Poison. The bolas no longer explode for area damage to nearby targets.
Shadow Power Shadow Power: Well of DarknessDecreases the Discipline cost to 12.
Strafe Strafe: Stinging SteelThrow out knives rather than arrows that do an extra 100% damage on successful Critical Hits.
38Vault Vault: AcrobaticsRemoves the Discipline cost but adds a 15 second cooldown.
Fan of Knives Fan of Knives: Hail of KnivesIncrease the radius to damage all enemies within 20 yards.
39Spike Trap Spike Trap: Long FuseIncreases the arming time to 2 seconds but increases damage to 371% weapon damage.
Marked for Death Marked for Death: Grim ReaperAn additional 12% of damage done to the target is also divided among all enemies within 20 yards.
Multishot Multishot: Suppression FireEvery enemy hit grants 1 Discipline.
40Grenades Grenades: Fire BombThrow a single grenade that deals 123% weapon damage as Fire.
Rain of Vengeance Rain of Vengeance: Beastly BombsSummon 20 Shadow Beasts to drop bombs on enemies, dealing 125% weapon damage each.
Custom Engineering Custom EngineeringThe duration of your Caltrops, Marked for Death, Spike Trap, and Sentry is increased by 100%.
41Caltrops Caltrops: Carved StakesReduces the cost of Caltrops to 4 Discipline.
Companion Companion: Boar CompanionSummon a boar instead of a raven. The boar's attacks hit all enemies in an area.
Cluster Arrow Cluster Arrow: MaelstromInstead of releasing grenades, the cluster releases shadow energy that deals 145% weapon damage as Physical to nearby enemies. You will gain 4% of the damage done as Life.
42Hungering Arrow Hungering Arrow: Devouring ArrowEach consecutive pierce increases the damage of the arrow by 70%.
Evasive Fire Evasive Fire: DisplaceIncrease the distance of the backflip to 30 yards.
43Elemental Arrow Elemental Arrow: Lightning BoltsFire electrified bolts that Stun enemies for 1.5 seconds on a Critical Hit.
44Smoke Screen Smoke Screen: Special RecipeReduce the cost to 12 Discipline.
Preparation Preparation: Focused MindGain 45 Discipline over 15 seconds instead of restoring it immediately.
Fan of Knives Fan of Knives: Fan of DaggersImbue your knives with a 65% chance to Stun enemies for 2 seconds.
45Rapid Fire Rapid Fire: High VelocityFire poison arrows that have a 40% chance to pierce through enemies.
Sentry Sentry: Chain of TormentCreate a tether between you and the Sentry that does 40% weapon damage every second to every enemy it touches.
Grenadier GrenadierIncreases Hatred generated from Grenades by 2 and reduces the Hatred cost of Cluster Arrow by 10. Upon death, you drop a giant grenade that explodes for 450% weapon damage as Fire.
46Companion Companion: Ferret CompanionSummon ferrets instead of a raven. The ferrets collect gold for you and increase gold found on monsters by 10%.
Spike Trap Spike Trap: Lightning RodWhen the trap is triggered it releases a pulse of lightning that will bounce to up to 3 enemies for 275% weapon damage as Lightning.
Multishot Multishot: Full BroadsideIncrease the damage of Multishot to 214% weapon damage.
47Entangling Shot Entangling Shot: Justice is ServedIncrease the Hatred generated to 6 per shot.
Rain of Vengeance Rain of Vengeance: StampedeSummon a wave of 10 Shadow Beasts to tear across the ground, knocking back enemies and dealing 75% weapon damage each.
48Chakram Chakram: BoomerangThe Chakram path turns into a loop, dealing 188% weapon damage as Lightning to enemies along the path.
Grenades Grenades: Stun GrenadesHurl grenades that have a 25% chance to Stun enemies for 2 seconds.
Marked for Death Marked for Death: Mortal EnemyAttacks you make against the marked target generate 3 Hatred.
49Vault Vault: Trail of CindersIgnite with fire dealing 100% weapon damage as Fire to everything along your path.
Cluster Arrow Cluster Arrow: Cluster BombsLaunch the cluster through the air, dropping bombs in a straight line that each explode for 230% weapon damage as Fire.
50Strafe Strafe: Rocket StormIn addition to regular firing, fire off homing rockets for 60% weapon damage as Fire.
Sharpshooter SharpshooterGain 3% Critical Hit Chance every second. This bonus is reset 1 second after you successfully critically hit.
51Bola Shot Bola Shot: Bitter PillWhen the bola explodes, you have a 15% chance to gain 2 Discipline.
Shadow Power Shadow Power: GloomReduce incoming damage by 65% while Shadow Power is active.
52Hungering Arrow Hungering Arrow: Spray of TeethSuccessful Critical Hits cause a burst of bone to explode from the target, dealing 50% weapon damage to enemies in that area.
Preparation Preparation: Backup PlanThere is a 30% chance that Preparation's cooldown will not be triggered.
Sentry Sentry: Aid StationHeals nearby allies for 1.0% of their maximum Life per second.
53Impale Impale: AwarenessAfter the initial throw, release multiple blades centered on you, dealing 75% weapon damage to all enemies within 10 yards.
Evasive Fire Evasive Fire: SurgeReduces the cost of the backflip to 2 Discipline. Turns Evasive Fire into Lightning damage.
54Entangling Shot Entangling Shot: Bounty HunterGain 6% of the damage dealt as Life.
Caltrops Caltrops: Bait the TrapBecome empowered while standing in the area of effect, gaining an additional 10% Critical Hit Chance with all attacks.
Rain of Vengeance Rain of Vengeance: AnathemaSummon a Shadow Beast that drops grenades from the sky for 10 seconds dealing 115% weapon damage.
55Spike Trap Spike Trap: ScatterSimultaneously place all 3 traps.
Multishot Multishot: ArsenalEvery use also fires 3 rockets at nearby enemies that deal 60% weapon damage as Fire each.
Ballistics BallisticsIncrease the damage dealt by rockets by 50%. Rockets are fired from certain skill rune effects.
56Rapid Fire Rapid Fire: BombardmentRapidly fire grenades that explode for 276% weapon damage as Fire to all enemies within a 4 yard radius.
Strafe Strafe: DemolitionThrow out bouncy grenades that explode for 144% weapon damage to targets within 9 yards.
57Bola Shot Bola Shot: Imminent DoomAugment the bola to deal 182% weapon damage as Arcane to the target and 154% weapon damage as Arcane to all other targets within 7 yards, but increases the explosion delay to 2 seconds.
Chakram Chakram: Shuriken CloudSurround yourself with spinning Chakrams for 120 seconds, dealing 30% weapon damage per second as Physical to nearby enemies.
58Impale Impale: Grievous WoundsCritical Hits cause 100% additional damage.
Shadow Power Shadow Power: Shadow GlideGain 40% bonus to movement speed while Shadow Power is active.
Cluster Arrow Cluster Arrow: Loaded for BearIncreases the damage of the explosion at the impact location to 290% weapon damage as Fire.
59Smoke Screen Smoke Screen: Choking GasLeave behind a cloud of gas that deals 70% weapon damage per second as Physical to enemies in the area for 5 seconds.
Companion Companion: Wolf CompanionSummon a wolf for 25 seconds instead of a raven. The wolf attacks for 60% of your weapon damage as Physical.
Fan of Knives Fan of Knives: Assassin's KnivesThrow long-range knives that deal 70% weapon damage to 5 additional targets.
Elemental Arrow Elemental Arrow: Nether TentaclesShadow tentacles deal 155% weapon damage to enemies along its path and return 3% of damage dealt as Life for you.
60Grenades Grenades: Gas GrenadesThrow gas grenades that explode for 95% weapon damage as Poison and leave a cloud that deals an additional 25% weapon damage per second as Poison for 3 seconds to enemies who stand in the area.
Marked for Death Marked for Death: Death TollHeal attackers for 1% of the damage done to the marked target.
Sentry Sentry: Guardian TurretThe turret also creates a shield that reduces damage taken by allies by 15%.
Rain of Vengeance Rain of Vengeance: Flying StrikeA group of 8 Shadow Beasts plummet from the sky at a targeted location dealing 60% weapon damage each and stunning enemies for 2 seconds.