Dealing Damage (The Hell)

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Physical on character's screen

The formula for damage displayed on the character's screen:

(sum of items' base damage) * (100% + (sum of simple % damage modifiers)) + (sum of flat damage modifiers)


  • sum of items' base damages includes the damage displayed at the bottom of the screen (such as "6-19"), but not magical properties such as "Adds 15 points to damage". If the character wields two weapons, their damages are added. The sum also includes damage from unique weapons with "Unusual base damage" property. For example, "Abaziil's Hideout" helmet adds 1..40 to this sum. For non-weapon items with "Unusual base damage" property, the damage numbers are not displayed in item's properties in the game, but they can be found in Kozel Info items database.
  • sum of simple % damage modifiers includes non-random modifiers, such as "+45% dammage", but not % modifiers that depend on chance or monster's type.
  • sum of flat damage modifiers includes all other sources of physical damage:
    • character's base damage
    • damage increase from Fury
    • "Adds X points to damage" item properties

When hitting a monster, this damage can be further modified by items properties and/or target type.

Damage modifiers

These effects are applied to the damage displayed on character's screen.

  • 10% chance for +200% damage works against all types of monsters, for melee, arrows and spells. This effect is not stackable. Works as specified: gives 10% chance to inflict triple damage.
  • Random 1-260% damage works the same as 10% chance for +200% damage (against all types of monsters, for melee, arrows and spells; not stackable).
  • All one-handed sharp weapons (swords, daggers, etc.) do 1.5x damage to Beasts and 0.5x to Undead. All one-handed blunt weapons (clubs, maces, etc.) do 0.5x damage to Beasts and 1.5x to Undead. If a character wields one sharp and one blunt weapon, these modifiers are not applied.
  • +50% damage to Undead, +50% damage to Demons work only with melee attacks, not with spells and arrows.
  • Paladin deals +25% damage to Undead with blunt and sharp weapons.

These effects are independent and multiplicative. For example, when attacking an Undead:

  • a sword with +50% damage to Undead effect deals 0.5 * 1.5 = 0.75 of the damage reported on character's scree.
  • a mace with +50% damage to Undead effect deals 1.5 * 1.5 = 2.25 of the reported on character's scree.

"Effect is not stackable" means that it's either present (at least on one item) or not. There is no difference between having it on one item or on many items.

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