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Quest Rewards

  • 0 XP
  • 0 Gold.png


Find the demon gate at the Edge of the Abyss

Kill the Siegebreaker Assault Beast

Talk to Adria near the demon gate

Adria Portrait.pngAdria
I come with urgent news. Leah has had another vision—a vision of twisted, demonic towers and enormous hearts beating within them!
Tyrael Portrait.pngTyrael
I know of them; they are the Sin Hearts. Azmodan must have dredged them up from the depths of his realm to empower his legions.
Barbarian Portrait.pngBarbarian
Then let us stop these terrible hearts from beating!
Crusader Portrait.pngCrusader
Then I'll stop his hearts and his legions
Demon Hunter Portrait.pngDemon Hunter
Then I must destroy these hearts while I still can.
Monk Portrait.pngMonk
No doubt corruption flows from these hearts. I will crush them.
Witch Doctor Portrait.pngWitch Doctor
Then we will stop the beating of these hearts.
Wizard Portrait.pngWizard
Then I will be happy to stop them from beating!