Dark Vessel

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Dark Vessel

Dark Vessels are related to Dark Cultists but instead of charging the party, they remain still in one place waiting to transform into Activated Vessels. Until they transform they are completely harmless and have low life so are easily killed. If they transform they become formidable opponents that deal great damage so it is wise for parties to prioritize killing Vessels over other nearby monsters.

A ritual circle of Dark Vessels about to be disturbed by the Barbarian.


Dark Vessels have a spike on their back that has been mentioned in the official Lore Entry for the Dark Cultists. They mutilate themselves by driving these spikes in their backs in their religious frenzy. Perhaps they show the initiation of a normal Cultist into a Dark Vessel. The lore entry has the spikes being hammered in the willing Cultists by a burly figure who may be a Dark Berserker.



  • Corrupt Vessel