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What are D-Stones

D-Stones are items that can drop from any monster in the mod. These items are highly treasured by Eastern Sun players since they are key ingredients used in many recipes including the method to enhance your items capabilities. D-Stones can be changed to other forms of stones by right clicking on it in the inventory. The other stones are Blackmoor, Crushed Gem, Forging Hammer, Holy Symbol, Spiders Silk, and Tyranium Ore.

What is D-Stoning

D-Stoning is the name of the process that we use to enhance our items in particular our end gear for the difficult challenges we will face in Hell. Veteran Eastern Sun players will likely hold off on using these valuable stones until they have found their end gear. Since once a D-Stone is used in a D-Stoning operation the D-Stone can never be returned if you no longer want to use the item. In the process of D-Stoning the item will add or increase a property on an item but at a cost of adding an increase to the level requirement on the item. The level increase will depend on the item it is used on. There is a secret recipe that will reduce the required level requirement by 1 or 2 levels depending on the item it is used on. This secret recipe is very expensive and we will discuss this recipe further on in the guide. D-Stoning can be done to almost any item. The only items it can not be used on are charms, jewels, arrows/crossbow bolts.

Important Note

  • Most D-Stoning enhancements can be removed with an item called a Magic Eraser which can be bought at Charsi's in Act 1. It is not recommended to do so since the required level of the item will not be reduced. You may want to use this recipe if you accidentally used the wrong ingredient with the D-Stone in the D-Stoning process or if you have too many mods on an item. Having too many mods on an item will start to make lines on the item disappear or the lines getting smaller. When you start seeing this it is time to not add anymore new enhancements. If you no longer see any lines on an item you may start to crash and get error messages. Sometimes you may not be able to load that character since the item is corrupt.
  • D-Stoning enhancements made to a runeword/gemword are lost if you remove the runes/gems from the item using a key in the cube. The enhancements are lost due to the fact that when the runeword/gemword is created the game actually makes a new item. When the runes/gems are removed the runeword/gemword is deleted in the process and reverts back to the old item.
  • D-Stoning will not work if the item has reached a cap on a property. The caps on a property will be listed with the recipes for the D-Stoning process.
  • D-Stoning process will not work if the item has a level requirement +99 for normal items or jewelry(rings/amulets)
  • D-Stoning process will not work if the item has a level requirement +79 for exceptional items
  • D-Stoning process will not work if the item has a level requirement +58 for elite items
  • Be careful when using this process since you may do one too many enhancements and can not use the item anymore unitl you either gain more level(s) or use the secret scroll recipe #50 to lower the level requirement.