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Cursed is one of the attributes that Unique Monsters may spawn with in Diablo II. This one is a simple, yet very deadly attribute. If you're a character with low health, this can easily spell your doom in melee combat, or from an arrow you failed to dodge.

What it does

This attribute will give the unique monster a 50% chance to cast Amplify Damage on you when he hits you. Those familiar with the Necromancer will know how quickly this curse can rip through a monster, and in this case, how quickly it can rip through you.

Amplify Damage reduces your resistance to damage by 50%, essentially making monsters do 1.5 times damage to you.


  • Avoid melee combat if at all possible or get hirelings/minions to take the bulk of the damage.
  • Avoid being surrounded: when you're cursed, the less monsters hitting you, the better.
  • Use hit-and-run on this one. You'll be much safer if you kill the minions before taking on the Unique Monster.
  • Having some damage reduction(%) can work wonders against this attribute. If you've got 50% damage reduction (or over), then this curse will basically be negated. Damage reduction will not be available early in the game though, so this is not viable at low levels.
  • If you're playing an Assassin, use the skill Fade to help reduce the duration of curses.
  • If you can't seem to shake the curse, town portal back to town and get healed from Akara, Fara, Ormus, Jamella, or Malah. This will remove the curse.