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Crafted Items are items made with the Horadric Cube.

By using the Horadric Cube's ability to transmute items, a player can use certain recipes to essentially create a Rare Item; only with certain preset mods along with the random prefixes and suffixes.

They appear differently from all other items, showing up with orange text rather than yellow or gold like Rare and Unique Items. Like Rune Words, Crafted Items abide to certain rules that can sometimes be confusing and counter intuitive. Although they may appear tedious to make, Crafted Items have the potential to be extremely powerful, and more valuable than even Unique Items.

Crafting Basics

All crafted items are made with Magic Items as the base items, and a variety of other items (most often perfect Gems, Jewels of any kind, and specified Runes). Any magical item can be used, including Ethereal Items, or items socketed due to a magical prefix such as Mechanic's. However, after the crafted item is made, the ethereal or socketed condition would be gone, as crafting an item gets rid of any preexisting mods. This is important to remember: magical items with mods that are desired by a player should not be crafted, as crafting them erases them.


A crafted item always has a set of pre-determined mods that depends on the recipe used in its crafting and the type of item that is crafted. There are four types of basic recipes that correspond to four types of pre-set mods:

Along with these pre-set mods, a crafted item is also imbued with a set of random mods: 1-4 prefixes or suffixes that would normally be found on magic items or rare items. Higher character levels and item levels spawn higher numbers of mods, as well as higher level mods. For instance, crafting a Dimensional Shard at level 81 would spawn 4 higher level random mods, as opposed to crafting a Jared's Stone at level 20, which would most likely spawn 1 lower level mod. Crafted Items can also have very high character level requirements, sometimes even over level 100, making them unusable.

You can determine your chances of getting between 1 and 4 affixes using the following calculation: (clvl/2)+(qlvl/2) where clvl is the level of your character when you push the transmute button on your Cube and qlvl is the quality level of the input item (refer to individual item pages to determine an item's qlvl). This formula will determine the new ilvl for your crafted item:

  • ilvl 1-30: 40% chance of 1 affix; 20% chance each of 2, 3, or 4 affixes.
  • ilvl 31-50: 60% chance of 2 affixes; 20% chance each of 3 or 4 affixes.
  • ilvl 51-70: 80% chance of 3 affixes; 20% chance of 4 affixes.
  • ilvl 71+: 100% chance of 4 affixes.

Pros and Cons

Crafted Items are different from Rare and Unique Items in that they give players leeway as to customizing their abilities. By using a certain recipe for a base, a player could theoretically continue to craft a desired item over and over again, until they find a Crafted Item with the pre-set and random mods they want. For instance, a Blood Amulet requires a magical amulet, any jewel, a perfect ruby, and an Amn rune. A player could get five amulets, perfect Rubies, jewels, and Amns, and craft five different Blood Amulets; they would all have the same range of fixed mods, and different random ones, and the player could take his or her pick out of the results.

Although Crafted Items can get mods exclusive to Unique or Set Items (such as Fire Absorb, chance of Crushing Blow, etc.), they can not get mods exclusive to Magical Items, such as Grandmaster's or Celestial.

Patch Differences

Crafted Items went through a variety of changes from Patch 1.08 to Patch 1.09, including changes in recipes. Although no differences have been made from Patch 1.09 to the current Patch 1.13, those few players not updated to the latest patch may find Crafted Item recipes quite different than those listed.

Early patches also had quite a few problems with Crafted Items: Prior to Patch 1.09, players could imbue Crafted Items with the Act I quest. However, since then, the bug has been fixed.