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A Container is a lootable object that, when clicked, will often chuck out some loot and will stay empty for the remainder of the game.

Diablo III

The most notable containers in Diablo III are chests, which are never empty. Examples of chests include:

Chest.png Bloody Chest.png Resplendent Chest.png
Chest Bloody Chest Resplendent Chest

Non-chest lootable containers
Act 1
  • Adventurer's Corpse
  • Armor Rack (only drops armor)
  • Ashes
  • Barrel*
  • Bishibosh's Remains
  • Blacksmith's Belongings (contains Mira's Letter to Haedrig)
  • Black Mushrooms (contains Black Mushroom)
  • Bookcase
  • Cauldron (used to drop Black Mushroom)
  • Coffin
  • Corpse of the Blacksmith's Apprentice (quest related)
  • Dead Adventurer
  • Dead Tristram Militia
  • Dead Plunderer
  • Dead Villager
  • Decayed Fallen Shaman
  • Gravedigger's Bones
  • Log
  • Loose Stone*
  • Old Keepsake Box (only drops journals)
  • Pile of Bones
  • Rock Pile
  • Rotten Log
  • Rotting Coffin*
  • Rotting Wood
  • Sarcophagus*
  • Scarecrow
  • Scribe's Lectern (only drops journals/gold)
  • Stone Vault
  • Stump
  • The Anvil of Fury (used to contain Griswold's Edge)
  • Warriv (contains Warriv's Journal)
  • Weapon Rack (only drops weapons)
  • Villager Corpse
* container may be trapped

Diablo II

Chests: The most commmon type of container. Chests sometime require a key to open.

Gold Chests: Similar to chests, but these generally give out more, and better, loot.

Urns: Jugs, urns, baskets, all these cultural artifacts can be smashed, often revealing loot.

Corpses: The bodies of fallen warriors often litter the areas you traverse, and can be searched for loot.

Evil Urn: Exclusive to Act V, these urns will give some loot, as well as spawning a Champion or Unique Monster.

Unmarked containers: Some containers will not light up when clicked on, but may be clicked on regardless, chucking out loot.

Note that many containers will be trapped.