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Charms, introduced in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, provide bonuses to the player simply by being kept in the inventory. Charms kept in the stash or in the Horadric Cube will not convey their bonuses to the player. Charms, like Amulets and Rings, cannot spawn as normal, but always appear as either magic or unique. There are no rare, set, or crafted Charms in regular Diablo II, though they may well appear in Mods. Charms come in three different sizes: Small, Large, and Grand. There are several different designs that each size of Charm can spawn with, though a Charm's artwork has no impact on its stats.

Grand Charms

Grand Charms take up a 1x3 space in the player's inventory. Charms that add to a player's skill trees (known as "Skillers") are by far the most popular variety of Grand Charm, especially when coupled with a useful suffix, such as those that add Life. The unique Grand Charm, Gheed's Fortune, is popular amongst Magic Finding characters, but has little use for other players.

Large Charm 1 (Diablo II).gif Large Charm 2.gif Large Charm 3 (Diablo II).gif

Large Charms

Large Charms take up a 1x2 space in the player's inventory. Although they can spawn with most of the same bonuses as the other Charm sizes, Large Charms are generally not heavily sought after due to their inability to fit into an inventory filled with Skillers. The unique Large Charm, Hellfire Torch is a notable exception. This item is an excellent possession for any character, regardless of build. The Hellfire Torch can only be obtained by completing the Pandemonium Event.

Medium Charm 1 (Diablo II).gif Medium Charm 2 (Diablo II).gif Medium Charm 3 (Diablo II).gif

Small Charms

Small Charms take up only a single space of the player's inventory. For this reason, Small Charms that spawn with certain affixes, such as Life, Resistances, Max Damage/Attack Rating, Poison Damage, and Magic Find, are incredibly popular to stockpile. Like the Hellfire Torch, the unique Small Charm, Annihilus, is highly sought after by all high-end characters. In addition to its other amazing stats, this item is one of only two items in the game that provide an experience boost to their possessor. The Annihilus Charm can only be obtained by defeating Uber Diablo in Hell difficulty.

Small Charm 1 (Diablo II).gif Small Charm 2 (Diablo II).gif Small Charm 3 (Diablo II).gif