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A Champion monster, also known as an Augmented monster, is an extra strong version of a regular monster in Diablo II. These monsters appear at random places in each game, and almost all regular monsters can spawn as Champions. Champions are tougher, more dangerous and often drop large amounts of Potions upon death. When Champions spawn, a random number of the different varieties are picked each time. There could be five Berserkers, or no Berserkers.

Champion monsters have blue names instead of the regular white in their health bars.



There are several different version of Champion monsters. Upon the release of Diablo II, the game only featured regular Champion monsters, however later on four new breeds were added to the game: Ghostly, Fanatic, Berserker and Possessed.

All champion monsters have an increase in hit points, monster level and experience given upon death.

  • +2 Monster level
  • x3 Experience
  • Hit Point Bonus
    • x3 Normal
    • x2.5 Nightmare
    • x2 Hell

Interestingly enough, the hit point bonus decreases as the difficulty rises. This is most likely due to the massive hp boosts all monster gain naturally as the player advances into Nightmare and Hell. If Champions had gotten more hit points, it could have made them slower to kill without actually increasing the threat to the player, and could potentially have made killing Champion monsters feel redundant and slow.


The standard version of champion monsters has a large array of bonuses applied to the base monster.

  • Damage x2
  • +33-50% Elemental Damage
  • Attack Rating +75%
  • Attack Rate +120%
  • Velocity x2
  • +20% Speed

Essentially this improves all aspects of the monster substantially.


  • Half Speed
  • About 20% Chance for Cold Damage
  • 50% Physical Resistance

Ghostly monsters appear ethereal: the player can see through them partly. The 50% Physical Resistance can be very dangerous, and it it spawns on a monster with an already high level of Physical Resist, or a monster that is Physically immune it most likely makes the Immunity unbreakable, creating serious problems for melee characters encountering them. Fortunately, the lowered speed makes running away from them a viable alternative.


  • +100% Speed
  • -70% To Attack Rating

Fanatic monsters have increased speed, both movement and attack, making them quite deadly. Their reduction in Attack Rating makes them more deadly to casters however. A Paladin with Holy Shield will most likely have so much defense and block that the Fanatic monsters will barely be able to hit him, while a Sorceress with low armor throughout the game will find these dangerous, as their movement speed allows them to close distance fast.


  • Damage x4
  • Attack Rating x4
  • Hit Points x1.5

Berserkers are quite deadly. With the massive increase in damage and attack rating, as well as the hit point bonus (which is cumulative with the hit point bonus all Champions receive), Berserkers are a real threat to melee characters as they have no other means of engaging them. Ranged characters will not find these monsters much different from other Champions, so long as there remains distance between them. If Berserkers engage in melee however, all classes are in danger.


  • Hit Points x12
  • Can't be Cursed

Possessed monsters have an insane amount of life added to them. Combined with their immunity to curses, Amplify Damage and the likes cannot increase the rate at which they are damaged. Despite their massive life bonus, it is essentially their only bonus, so if the player can handle normal monsters of this kind, Possessed versions shouldn't pose much more trouble. They just take longer to kill.