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The Cathedral of Light is a religion that preached of humanity's combined effort to achieve its destiny.[1] It was based north of Kehjan and was one of the two dominant churches, along with the Triune, during the Sin War. Though honest in appearance, the entire organization was in fact a ruse created by Inarius, the true leader of the Cathedral, in order to counteract the power of the Triune, created by the Three, and the growing power it exerted on Sanctuary.[2]


The particulars of the belief of the church is rather vague, but it seems to have had a heavy focus around the Prophet. He led the church for hundreds of years, far past any human lifetime, but there was not a supreme being involved in the belief structure: the Prophet was the highest authority in teaching people how to live.

The Prophet himself received endless admiration and adoration from his followers. Due to his calm and wise persona, beautiful and youthful appearance as well as his great strength and long life, all believers knew that he was something beyond human, but they did not know that he was an angel. Angels in fact did not seem to feature heavily in the Cathedral of Light. Inarius had some craftwork of angels made in his personal chambers, but it's unclear whether any of his followers knew what they were or simply thought them fanciful artistic work.


The Cathedral did not maintain churches around the world like the Triune did, but instead had one large settlement north of Kehjan. Many pilgrims traveled to this place daily to listen to the prophet over what was at the time the grasslands.

To spread the belief the church had many priests and missionaries who, like the Triune, traveled the world. Protecting them was the job of the Inquisitors. Though it's unclear how the middle levels of the religion were governed, there were two leading priests who served directly under the prophet.

Known Ranks

  • The Prophet: The permanent leader of the religion.
  • Master Inquisitor: A higher-ranking warrior, these men lead the Inquisitors in the field. They also carry the legal rights to charge criminals in the land of Kehjan[3]
  • Inquisitor: Warriors of the Cathedral. They bear silver robes and breastplates emblazoned with a golden sunburst.[4]

Known Members

  • The Prophet: Inarius rules the Cathedral through a human disguise he has adopted in order to forget the past and Lilith.[5] He has silver-blue eyes, ivory skin and golden locks that fall well below his shoulders. He barely looks to be a man, yet he is fit and what people would call perfect. He receives absolute adoration from his followers.[6]
  • Gamuel
  • Oris
  • Mikelius: A Master Inquisitor


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