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Some foul new disease has taken hold in this land and the carrion bats are near the heart of it. Since returning to Tristram, I have seen their numbers surge. The evil forces that linger here give them strength, and I fear that the worst is yet to come.

— Deckard Cain

The Carrion Bat is one of the most numerous enemies in the game. They possess low life and attack at melee range with little damage but what they lack in physical capabilities they make up in numbers. Never found alone and often mass produced by multiple Carrion Nest nearby, they can overwhelm parties quickly unless action is taken. They are also Flying, allowing them to ambush across obstacles and attack single targets with dozens of individuals amounting to serious damage. Skills with area damage turn these menaces into a non-issue and as such it is seldom heard that players die to them. Elite variants still follow standard Elite pack mechanics and as such are one of the weaker Elite types in the game however their Flying ability can make them annoying.


  • Flying
    Can move over most movement obstacles expect internal walls. Flying height based on terrain contours. Has reduced collision size. Death while over an obstacle results in any loot being teleported to the player's feet.






Image Name Affixes Variant Location Notes


Firestarter Burn to a Cinder

Carrion Bat

Required for A Unique Collection


Glidewing Carrier of Death

Carrion Bat


Sicklefang Scourge of the Harvest

Plague Carrier

Created as part of Carrion Farm event after all Plague Nest are killed. Must be killed to continue the event and provides the reward drop for the event.